Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our brand-new header.

Hahahaha..I've spent an hr plus for that header.....Don't u guys love it??..
don't be shy to tell me..hehe

Dig the meaning from da header...=P

Once again, i find myself so artistic ...tee..heeeee...

With Love,

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm mad...

Listening to song "teenage love affair" by Alicia keys

At first.. my mood was so good to blog and now i'm freaking pissed....ahhh
my ideas flew out of my mind...

I think i juz blog bout pictures that i have recently captured...
hee...*i feel so artistic* =X

Rubix square from Mr ooi...hehe
*PRT Screen*

I took it while i was on the way to K.J station by lrt...It was 7pm ..
the light from the sun is pretty cool..>.<

Nice right ?....

it is original from my fon.
it didn't go thru any modification...=D

Hee....let me introduce u my "mata kerbau"
tis is my first trial of making it..ehehe
bro's wan was a failure and he doesn't let me to show on>.<

haha...taken on BBQ party in Geoffrey hse
it is a lamb chop with red wine...
thanks chee ken..=)

Cheersss....geoffrey's sparking juice...

Time to show my max.

He is cuter than scooby..=P

it was quite hard to capture by camwhoring it..ehehe
I swear!!

Was taken it while i was having an exploration at Kg Baiduri with miss caely...hehe

This is the first time i step into this ulu place...

LOL....dunno wat to say nia..
feel FZ..

And i have realised somthing...
my phone's camera has the anti-shake function..LOL
i snapped tis pic when i was walking to tmn bahagia...=X

The End.

Yesterday by Leona Lewis......nice song


Monday, July 21, 2008

Just my College.

Currently listening to Energy by Keri Hilson.

I just realised something in this blog..which is..usually after my one particular post, the next 2-3 post will be HuiXian's post. Oh yeah, KUDOS to HuiXian's previous post..Impressive huh?HAHA..yeah...feel bad for not updating the blog now...what to do? that's why I'm updating now..=)

With this, I shall present you my college-mates.

Vashini and Rahjis! The motherly figure one. Always nag me to study and makan (eat)! "Have you taken your medicine?" their favourite.
Bilguun from Mongolia and Tom.

Poser Phoebe and Sharmila! hahahaha...
Sharmila! Mixblood of Chinese and Indian...Pretty huh..With Sarah. Another mixblood again. but this is Portugese mix Chinese. Hey! She's a hardcore in sports okay.
and now, Both Sarah and Sharmila. Here's my ever so good "Ji Mui". William. Wait!..........Don't get wrong! He's not a gay.
HEHE! Favourite pic! 4 of us!

Went to MidValley for outing last Friday with college friends after college, and they are...

Umer, Ramin, Sharmila, (Not in Picture) Bilguun and Bilguun's Mogolian bestie. Basically all of them are International students except me and Sharmila...they're nice guys and girls btw.

Anyway, what will you do when you're bored in the class and the laptop is just right is front of you? For me, it just so happen that I found this software in my friend's VIAO laptop. So I decided to camwhore! LOL! Take a look...=) Some water droplets effects.HEHEHE! (no comment)HAHAHA..I just can't stop laughing when i see this. XDI looked funny with the hood huh? I didn't know I can camwhore that well...genius! muahahhah..

Though I posted load of pictures of my college, there's no doubt that I still miss my secondary schoolmates and school. (last picture courtesy of VincentWWJ).

Btw, Does anyone has any recommendation on what storybook I can write on a review at about 1000 words?


KittLei =)

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