Thursday, March 19, 2009


Currently listening to Fish Leong's Belong.

Can u belive that my final is just around the corner and I'm kinda not prepared yet.

I'M very blur with what's going on and i still haven't gotten my exam docket while I'm gonna sit for the paper nex week..oops~ now I rmb that I have to go get it..=/

ouch!...and i'm blur with the time also~


Die die die~~~

Mmm...I wonder what i have to do also..

since I'm quite free tonight, post sth up lor=)

in case of one day, nobody would want to come here and visit d=/

College isn't going too welll, kinda having a hard time also..

there's so much to do while i've no idea with what i'm studying...just haven't put any effort on memorising those stuffs and doing practices.

Oh yah...I've break my own record of not goin to cinema for 3 weeks d!!!

Not that lifeless d, some other stuffs keep  me quite bz..=)

TOdae is bout to post some picccturess that i've taken with my COOLPIX!!

P/s: Cant't reach kah hoo at the moment, wonder where the hell is he now!!! (10:05pm)

Would probably post some pics when I was out for yum cha..=D

gotta show the ugly stuffs that we do..!!!

I camwhore alot recently, mainly just to show my bang!!


see...MY BANG!!

and I'm my own hair dresser..xD

i wanted a bang so badly after i've seen katy perry's!!

hee..thanks god that my hair condition is gettin


See..My Hong hong is camwhoring with me xD

Pic taken when i was havin potato mask! xD

When roses dry up=/

it has ntg to show but to be put in a box =(

p/s: these roses shud be glad that they've met me. if not they would be thrown to rubbish bin!


the one from ween's is still pretty nice=D

somehow, Cash just has to appear in front

of the camera..!!

cute nia!!

And see..

Isn't my max the cutest thing on earth??!!!


I love Navy Blue!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Losing You is Something I can't Handle

Curently listening to The White Tie Affair's Candle "sick and tired"

The title is simply copy paste from the lyrics..

As I've promised weeks ago that i would blog some pictures here !! =)

There's too many posts of  me feeling sleepie and start aubsing my blog !!=/

Sorry nia..ehehe

I think it's better for me to show the pics!!

coz there's too many and captions would do eveerything.

the night b4 my couz's wedding,

girls are always that MAFAN!!

doing nails and all..~~

hee..I'm still one of them=D

My smart couz..

she's 19 too=D

but much smarter..hmmph!

Early in the morning,

the bride has to get up freaking early so tht

her dresing could be done in time=)

my aunt were bz preparing the mini refreshment.

My uncle, My aunt

and my couz.

when it was about time the groom 



LOUD horn alert!!

the guys were there rushing in to grab the bride.

HAHA..most of them are basketballer for state=D

the grooom were ask to sing a song b4 meeting the bride.


YEAH baby~


U may kiss the bride nowxD

The girls...

my bro was the sissy one behind..LOL

happie family=)

Bros with them=)

Zam Cha Session

MY grandparents=)

jewellery as usual~

Due to my lazeeeee prob, I only uploaded these 2 pics..=X


Now let's move on to the dinner part=P

I didn't eat much=/

MUmmy and me=)

Kor kor and mexD

Carmen and me=)

star fish!

lol..only the first dish was

in my camera album.

Me, mei and couz=)


Another couz of mine..=D

I actually look auntie =(


Wanna sleep liao..=)


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