Monday, December 29, 2008

x'mas dinner at tmn desa

currently listening to Jet's look what you've done.

Feel so fast that 08 has just passed by so quickly, nothing much I've done in this super fun year..
all i rmb is goin out with my frens and my babes >.<
those days i was working at SP, i barely recall
but i still in contact with my beloved colleagues..they are nice ppl=)

so after x'mas eve that night...
I wasn't that exhausted though, i still stay up till like 5a.m after home..
I guess I really have to turn my clock over again, and behave like a normal girl!!
lol..mum keep complaining bout me sleeping too late and waking up at noon everyday..
now i know, i can't be a good hsewife d..hee

on x'mas day itself,
i didn't do much thing also..always stare at the comp and wait for ppl to call me out..
damn lifeless huh?
went steamboat dinner at my godsis's place, tmn desa.
that's a good place to stay, i kinda like it..

the food was cool..
alcohol was quite complete there..lool
beer, dry beer, red wine, white wine, champagne!! alcohol lar me..but
i think few days ago, i just fear of it..xD
will let ya know what happened..haha
I'm dumb!!

since i brought my camera along, lotsa pics i have!!

sis was with me =)

sylvia and donny.

sis and small lil bonny=D


damn freaking full

the love-shaped butt of


xoxo =)

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