Saturday, November 06, 2010

I'm confused

It's quite late for a day but pretty early for a morning,
I'm now sitting in front of my laptop listening to some old canto songs
in this very very dark room, the only light source is my lappie and
an external torch...

Under such quiet and dark environment, it's best to just type whatever my heart is trying to say least it's a way of release and writing all here is better for me to judge if im thinking healthily..Lol

all these years since i was 9, family problem never failed to hit my brain...and make me to suffer
from concussion. I always talk about it not because i love whining, i understand whoever always listen to my same old problem will be dam pissed as i always take it as a topic...
I understand that, coz it is quite annoying too...but sometimes, i just couldn't help it as
it keeps hitting me..
how i wish i could just don't bother about it and head to bed..
in fact, it doesn't allow me to do so...i can try to ignore but in the end i'm still the one who suffer the most among all siblings...

Well, people may thinks that i'm taking stuffs to worry or another word " pessimistic"
I wish i could be more optimistic about my family but i just couldn't help it...they are such
selfish until the extend of me being so so so not sure about what's a real family.

people tell me, every family have their very own problems n issues...issues that can't be solved and
problems that can't be avoided...
sometimes, i just have to question...did ppl say that just to make those who facing family problem
to feel better?

A better solution here but i doubt it would ever be practical...
Since people are born to fight for their life...why not just learn how to be a real man,
a man that don't only think selfishly but a man who does what he/she needs to do in order
to be a person who doesn't feel sorry for him/herself...

What if one day, u realize somthing that you've done is making some people feel really
disappointed or sad? what will you do?
continue doing it as it doesn't really matter as u don't think it as a big matteR?
confess with them and say u're sorry?

I think people are indeed lack of the guts to admit failure or wrong...
therefore, they continue doing it to show that they don't really care about it...and try to
make it a norm for ppl to make such mistake... is not just as simple as earning big money and having a good life..
those are too surface...what we really have to learn is how to be a man with humanity
and not
a man who would disgusts the people around...

P/s: here come the fresh air..

Friday, November 05, 2010


Have you ever consider yourself to be a damn annoying person?
annoying towards ur frens, family or even to your love one?

Recently, some people just seem to be very very annoying, not that I say it cause I dislike them or what just, the annoyance could make me to enter bad mood.

They are kinda annoying cause they are kinda desperate of getting something and somehow just crying for it just like a annoying kid screaming for ICECREAM!!!
Can you imagine...??
that's da level of annoyance could be if someone is really really desperate to get something and they just backed to the age of 3 :(

People who are pretty annoying is when they thought being annoying could help them to get something that they want faster cause the one who got annoyed would wanna get over with it faster as well, for example, Liang po po being an debt collector?

Besides that, some people tend to misused facebook!!
spammer is everywhr and it really makes me crazee.....the sound of " pop pop pop pop"
could be annoying when the fellar is trying to send those emoticons and not to chat with u
and he's not someone that u really know! *annoying max*


* this fellar have been spamming my fb chat while i was using my headset to watch gossip gal,
he even dare to spam another 8 msges after I scolded him! dam fck up right?*

Do they actually realize that they are so so so annoying till people would have to block them from
callings, chatting or sms?
not as serious but it could be till that level if desperation goes up and up..
In fact, I do realize when I become desperate and start to be annoying...i know sometimes, It's hard to control but at least have to "jaga muka" abit right, so that ur fren won't be afraid of
Annoyance is scary niaa...

But what if you being annoying is because you're too passionate to help someone who doesn't
really need your help?
that would be one pathetic case, ntg u would get in return except cold treatment..
and if the help doesn't go well, you will end up getting the blamee for helping..

Either way, also will get unlikable treatment afterward..cause when someone is begging u for help,
once they got what they need, i doubt they will still looking for u and in fact, they won't even bother
to contact you after all..
I can assure that..cause most people are like this...

P/s: just telling how i feel....definitely not trying to scold or offence anybody.

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