Sunday, April 05, 2009

Food and Thoughts.

u leave me breathless~~
Currently listening to Shayne ward's breathless.

cheng meng is over, but the rain is still pouring like forever, is it a sign of sadness like what the elders always say??
I personally don't really think it is a sign or's just the weather and the wind kind of thing..ahhaa

Watever it is..I was with my family yesterday and do the once a year stuffs..
From this event, it makes me hate mosquito so so so so so so so BADLY!!..Fcking itchy lor the bites from those annoying mosquitoes...>.<

Here i post about something..that was on on last tuesday..
Went dinner with sylvia jeh..
so long didn't blog bout u n me here d..hugs=D

We were just hanging around for dinner, so...ss2 is always the nearest place to grab a nice restaurant with "okok" food..Lool

This is the starter
Lil octopus.!!

guess where is it?
where did we end up having dinner?...lool
chiun yat ramen!!
the one bsides prince i suppose..hehe

jeh was enjoying it.

my 4-chuen ramen..simple but not so bad lar..haha
the taste is

i rate it 5/10

this is the vage ramen!!
i didn't really try so i couldn't rate it..hehe
but im sure the ramen is pretty nice !

AHahhaa..My new fren, Casey
he's a funny and bit "fussy" guy..LOL
nice person he is..and he can really sing!!!
he joined us kinda early, but we left after 3 hrs of talking craps..xD

here comes the "xiu Loong Bao"
nice lar..but still in love with Dragon-i's wan..mwahh
6/10 lor

Big Fish ball!!..
jeh's fav...hehe

I've changed my blogging Internet browser to MF again..
I prefer using it as it's much convenient compared to Opera..hehe

as soon as i get all pics of ikea's shopping with jeh and her frens-My new frens
gonna show how crazee is buying stuffs in ikea..!! It was rather STRESS!!!!

It should be illegal to deceive a woman's heart.

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