Friday, December 19, 2008

L o Ve stor Y

i'm listening to Love story- Taylor Swift ;)
Pretty Cool lar this song!!!
the more i listen to it the more dreamy i would be =/

Lyrics baby~

Ahhh.. how nice if everything can be so simple like every love story..
but too bad, it's only happen in DRAMA !
" Happily Ever After "...haha
it might be a joke if i just tell everybody that its my dream to marry a freaking nice guy and live happily ever after...

Kinda bullshit for this 21st century!!
First of all.. what most girls look into in order to get their PERFECT one!
most girls do love
- Guy with cars and money!! thats not enuff, girls still wish to have a Bf with Freaking Nice Car
- Guy with Decent look
- Guy with good and rich family background
- Guy who speaks politely
- Guy who is quite presentable, so that friends won't give any criticism.
- Guy who is so romantic
- Guy who possesses Nice and Fit body.
- Guy who can afford her almost anything she wants.
- Guy who is not that stingy
- Guy who bla bla bla and Bla~~
yeah theres so much to look into for a guy before the gal actually give a chance for the guy to date her...

Chuck Bass frm GG..
he can be da one man..of coz not counted with his
attTtidue lar..
But..his Limo /gg

well think back, are we girls really that good?
and deserve such prince charming to come near u with the White horse? *ku dok ku dok~~*

Not really lor..
what i think is,
Girls these days are just gotten CORRUPTED by..
mmm i don't know but there are plenty of causes of coz..
indeed, not all gals are pure and innocent,
mind can be corrupted by anyone at anytime!
since small, i always don't like girls who look so fcking innocent!!
Big eyes, Fair skin, Speak softly and so politely...

i used to love the Small lindsy
she was just so adorable!!
but... doubt, guys do like them and
they always have a lot of admirers bcoz they really act like a girl..
yeah..that makes them attract ppl even girls..haha
but sadly, they just don't act as innocet as they look..
innocent girls tend to get controlled by outsiders and started to turn bad...
end up, they might just enter the wrong path and say bye to the innocent them.

After few years..
a pretty innocent girl
becomes someone Annoying?

Thats why, there is so many girls out there doin stuffs that they don't even know if its right or wrong.. when they are awake, they find themselves damn fcking silly by just looking back what they've done to ppl around them.

everyone is dreaming for a real love story to happen on them,
bcoz girls do share one thing in common which is to marry a guy whom really love them, live together with him and bring kids to the family.
who doens't want that?
lool..if there's ever a super cute guy treats me like a princess and i do love him...haha
y not right?..

good things like this don't happen always and don't usually happen on everyone..
The world is changing and nothing seems to be forever. don't u agree?
haha...SPAM THE TEASER SpAce!!!!!

Quote from Twilight-
Isn't it suppose to be like this? The glory of first love, and all that. Its incredible, isn't it,
the difference btw reading about something, seeing in the pictures, and experience it?
Edward Cullen
, Chap 14 p.302

Monday, December 15, 2008

Move O n?

currently listening to maroon 5 ft rihanna- if i never see your face again.

As i was having a conversation with my friend..
he mentioned bout his ex who always whine about the past they used to have,
how great it was and bla bla bla...
this make me think of some of the bloggers,
they just announce their SAD love story on their blog and start whine about it
how bad was it, how useless was dat guy and how it turned out..
it is good to whine since its ur blog...
but i feel like those bloggers are sorta ruining their beloved BLOG.

they tend to expect ppl to read bout how sad and how much she miss her EX..
what so big deal??
not like u both were gonna get married and things just turned out that bad ?

from my point of view, its not so big deal being dumped ?
u can be sad, u can be angry, u can be fucked up, u can be WTV but i just
dont understand why must they keep blogging bout their bf and the past?
aren't u suppose to be moving on instead of keep thinking bout the pasT?
even if its a very long term r/ship and u guys have been thru fcking a lot but it doesn't mean
that u can be so sad and be so emo till the readers could even feel how sad it is..
i just somehow find it hypocrite and such ppl are just seeking for attention and sympathetic...

M O V e O n Pls...
i would say!!

Leaving someone whom u ought to let go isn't that saddening right?
they are just someone who stop by in ur life and water u when u need to be more mature.
after a r/ship,
someone is gonna think differently and they are most likely thinking how hard is it to be loved and also to love ~
since u have gotten what u should've get in a r/ship...then its time to move on and think
bout ways to make ur life even more better and interesting!!

why does it sound so hard to move on?..'s kinda hard if u were so in love and suddenly u just have to let go..
mmm...things can be easier right?
being optimistic is always the right and healthy way to do it...
theres no magic nor trick for u to feel better after a break up.
but u can make urself feel less painful by thinking right...
whining bout ur bf and the past aren't the healthy way, it is just telling urself
he suck and u're rock!!
doesn't make any difference.
stop treating ur blog like draft papers and carve it like how u carve a love on a wall!!
here come a bleeding love..;)


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