Thursday, December 13, 2007

waffle and seckie farewell

Do u know whats the best after a long window shopping???...
yeah u are right. Dats LUnch....
having lunch in one u is juz making ppl headache if u have no idea wat u wanna eat..
but on wed, i wanted to eat waffle so desperately, then we went in and had our very cool waffle lunch..=D

im not a waffle lover, but kitt yeah...
so i made a very very brilliant conclusion:
we always see malay selling waffle, and most malays work in waffle shop...
so theres a theory from my logic thinking
Malays LIKE waffle.
to those whoe lik waffle might have the same taste as them..=)
sounds great and warm right???
finally, kitt and ma chan have something in coommon..=D

lool..too crapie d..=)

wonder why they served us dessert first...

its a must to try tis...damn nice

our latte.

kitt: c...c....yummie

a closer look..=)

well, im tired...

undang talk was not cool at all, too boring..haha

but im glad dat our room was the earliest to leave..=D

after prom night, i find we have lot pics to post on ere...

so i decided to join secky's farewell night with tis wuliao waffle entry...

As we had hung out for the whole day, we spent our dinner with 20 plus ppl in sky cafe..

well, tis time we were so so so punctual..hee

we reached there 15 mins earlier to reserve 20 seats for them...

THem?..the attendees

-kin meng

-chee ken


-puiling and her another half-vincent

-ee ling

-wen yi

-chee kong



-yie ern


-wern ming

-yong ming

-cow cow



-suit kee (hee...dont know how to spell)

-chan yee en

-sir tuck loong

-wai yew

-the main: seck houng

-US. time.=)

with the bufday boy(kevin)

they got white teeth..=D



the couple.=D


wen yi..=D

the old wan.
ALL of us.=)


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Day at Home

HEE..finally I had time to bake! I've been disappeared from blogging quite some time..due to camp and so on..anyway, this post is not about camp..because post without pictures is bored...but one thing that I'm sure is that SENIOR CAMP POST will be coming up basically I'm going to post something that I've done yesterday..baked MUFFINS...

Actually I'm supposed to bake chocolate cake..but due to the time i start my mum suggested to bake it today..and asked me to bake's simple..seriously..that's because I just have to prepare a few ingredients and done. worth it..

so...nice right??the taste just suits me..not too sweet...Hee..huixian..can u feel the temptations? felt the BURST!...LOL

the close-up...not so nice...but as long as the taste is good..then it's fine with me..I just loves muffins..especially when it's in chocolate flavour! nevermind..

As for today, I've baked chocolate cake!. and I'm pretty satisfied with it..Look at the pictures ..isn't it just okay for a first timer? Haha..yea..I'm just syok sendiri here... . I actually planned to bake one..but turns out the batter seems I decided to make it two..and's right.

The goodness...can't be deny that the cake just tasted good. Hee. My mum actually brought the muffins and cake to my grandparents..and guess what did they said? grandpa actually said my muffins is hard enough to throw at dogs..hilarous...I just can't stop laughing...but he said my cake is good..just nice...haha.

yes..that's how my 2 days passed..and tomorrow will be a busy day for me....the whole day....


im BACK.

It has been a long while that we didnt have any interesting entries here, so im juz ere to blog bout some stuffs before and after my lovely camp while im still waiting for pictures to blog bout whats happening during the camp..=)

well, did i mention that i have a new pup??
yeah i think i made a post here, so a 2 week later my mum got da first pup, she brought back another pup from her fren.
i dont know what is in my mum mind, she juz loves dog in a sudden..having 2 puppies at home isnt easy, they are noisy and need to take care of them...
And, they annoy at times, juz gotta be patient with them..
if not, u will really BURSt...*thx to cow and yong for this brand new word*...haha
somehow, u would juz mistaken that they are couple...

SO puppies..

at first i named him momo, but dunno when and why, my sis juz call him BOBBY..
eww...doesnt suit him..lool

After the camp, im kinda down with those dots on my sad
even i got plenty of them on my face...guess wat are they??....
REd dots from sandflies...i feel so miserable for those dots..omgness
i have to pity myself..lool, if not no one would..=D
mum juz laughed her ass off when i got home from camp...
she just HAHAHA for those dots...>.<
i feel kinda relief from my bro, he bought me tea tree oil..thx bro..=)
i cant believe that i got the most stings from those blardy sandflies...oh gosh...
very itchy and me pls..quite
i dont know how to get rid of it b4 prom...pls help me if u know by dropping me a msg, i will love u more if u do so..=D
so now im so gonna let u c what happen to my legs..=(
its not sexy...

its pitiful..=(

oh well, juz a camwhoring...cant c those dots on my face..

shud be glaaaaaaaaad...=]


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