Sunday, August 09, 2009


All of sudden,

I've learned not to expect so much,
I'm tired of guessing,
guessing if something good would happen.
I'm tired of waiting,
waiting that something good would realize one day.
I'm tired of asking,
asking when is the time to see the good things coming around.
I'm tired of choosing,
choosing which to be with.
I'm tired of being one of the silly gal,
silly that i keep hoping for something that's so vague.
I'm tired of keeping the false hopes,
false hopes that i took it just to keep myself moving forward.
I'm tired of avoiding,
avoiding something that might embarrass myself.
I'm tired of setting rules,
rules that i must not break.
I'm tired of arguing,
arguing about what is right and what is wrong.
I'm tired of being upset,
upset about someone who has just broke my heart unintentionally.
I'm tired of being a stone,
a stone that need other forces to keep it motivated.
I'm tired of wondering why,
wondering about why would I be so clumsy to fall.
Sigh..I'm just tired, really tired..I don't wanna have any false hopes about it and really don't wish myself to avoid things that I have to face.

-Emo piece of s***

This song is really nice..=)

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