Thursday, February 22, 2007

-CNY period-

this year CNY was great i's because i dun need to face ppl whom i dun like and no need to spend my time for something that's not worth it..sounds bad right..but i dun mind..~.~

this post is all about pictures on the 1st day of CNY...

it's me and my youngest cousin..i think he's chewing something.
he's about to eat.. notice the and my mum made that..
isn't he too happy to eat that??haha
er..if not mistaken..he's posing the YEAH sign.. the sister of the little man..she really likes taking pictures..
my brother..behind him cousin again..wat do u think??ur 1st impression?? isn't he lengzhai?hehe he's shy..he usually dun like ppl taking his pic..or else he'll delete it. next, this girl about to eat the "ZAI" and perasan-ed i took her picture..haha well, my younger sister.. me and my bro..he damn like to ban yeng.. wat's with my face?act bro still with that look..

okay, that's all for today...

Sunday, February 18, 2007


hey peep...keong hee huat chai...XD
todae is da 1st day of 2007 chinese new yr...which is a homie day...
evry1 is staying at home n relax...feel fresh n its juz lik a new starting for da year...
isnt it sound gud huh...^.^
after a relax afternoon n a yummie vegetarian dinner....i got to go out n collect angpau...
how bout u guys?
i think some of ur...have stucked in da kampung
juz lik wat yong ming complained..hehe
but chill~~~its gud to b at a diff place wif da diff enviroment...=)
n not to forget wif lot mor angpau to collect...=P
juz lik wat kitt always say think at da brighter side...
yea..will get mor pics ere...wait ya..=D

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