Friday, April 18, 2008

My Experience as a Teacher must be surprised by the title right? Yea...It's true. I was a teacher the last two days..Not just me, KahHoo as well as a replacement teacher but he's in morning session while I'm in afternoon session.

Working as a teacher is a no-joke kind of career. Especially when you're with bunch of young brats kids. Initially, I thought this offer is "oh-I'm-so-free-sticking-my-ass-on-the-chair" kind of replacement teacher. But things just got different on the day itself. After reporting my presence there, I was asked to replace the Class of 1E and help the teacher mark all the homework. Okay. I'm fine with it since I've got plenty of free time there. PART of the home works by the kids that I've marked...

Next, the headmistress told me that I'm supposed to teach them and if possible, try to complete the syllabus because the exam is near. z z z . Luckily the teachers there were nice enough to guide me...ohthankgod.... so I was forced to read through the reports written by the class teacher and continue their syllabus.The report book. All your daily activities as a teacher must be listed down in this book..

"D-R-I-N-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G......" Time to enter the class. They were so cute. There was this moment I feel like pinching their face....SO bad, as a teacher, you know how you suppose to present yourself lar.. =PThe Kiddos in 1E. The Toilet's and Water-re-filler's (is there such word?) Lover.

At the end of the school day, the teacher's table was a mess. And I have to spend some extra time on it.

In the office : The teacher's table.
The last day, I bought few packets of chocolates for the kids..It just can't be deny that kids love chocolates. Everything from noisy turns quiet. Thus, you'll get all the attention you want and those kids will start acting like a good boys/girls.
Anyway, the highlights shall belongs to KahHoo who got the class girls' attention. With his C-U-T-E-N-E-S-S, the girls wrote him letters, arts and etc. Below is one of the pic sent by a girl.Chinese word is "Huang Lao Shi, Ke Ai Ma?"
Translated version "Mr Ng, Cute or Not?"
and comes with name and class.
From what my younger sister told me, the girl got so emo when she saw me walked to the canteen with KahHoo. LoL! She even cried over this... *scratch head* *sweating* . Isn't that a little exaggerated? *dotdotdot* NO WAIT...!!!That's just the first day of him as a teacher.
The second day was a little WOW. Girls are aggressive. I think is TOO aggressive!...HAHA. KahHoo received whole stack of letters. Few girls but whole stack. There's even one with two names. Hilarious...=P KahHoo was so "sweat" over this...nvm's your charm that attracts young girls. LoL.

Okay..that's it for my day as a teacher. HAHA

Kitt Lei. xD

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day in SEGi

SEGi college.

Today is a pretty emo day, i have no idea why but i certainly know it is about my current situation and those things that have been bothering me. Im gonna talk bout my third visit to SEGi, i went there today for 8tv scholarship interview and it was quite relax though but i juz felt so uncomfortable or uneasy after the interview. I realized that i didn't finish my secondary education as fine as it supposed to be, not to say i feel regret over this but to say im not satisfied with it..

The interview went pretty sux as i was decribed to be a very quiet person in school activities but i find it alright coz i managed to present myself confidently in front of the interviewer and i think i gave her a quite good impression as well. After the interview, i spent my time exploring the college and below are some pictures.
Front view of the college.

From the back.

I juz like the lamp post.

The swimming pool.

with the clock

A closer look of the pool.

The Garden.

Lecture room.

the basketball court.

Conclusion: It is a very awesome place to at and there is indeed full of NEGRo..=)


im trying to recover from my awkward mood.>.<

Monday, April 14, 2008

Troop Meeting

It has been a while since I've joined the scouter council. As a probational scouter, watching the recruits actually reminiscences the olden days like how we started as a recruits then juniors..and eventually as a senior scout. Few months back, I'm pretty certain that I'll never join scouter, somehow it just never came true.
Recruits waiting to be called.

Now as a probational scouter, I realised we don't need to be ready in order to be a scouter. Because we are still in the process of learning. And I've learn how to control my temper since then. Recruits running towards the "dog bone".

Anyway, since the 1st day I've step in as a scouter, people start asking me this question...

"Where's HuiXian?"

"Where's your partner?"

"Where's your best friend?"

"Why are you alone?"

and last but not least..a recent one. "Where's your lesbian partner?"

These questions was actually fine with me. Eventually i got irritated by it and start answering them with..."Stop asking me about HuiXian. Why not you ask her yourself?" Gosh...not here means not here..Not like I'm her nanny right...(no offence to you friend, just got irritated when too many people ask the same question on and on.)

Probational scouters watching over the recruits....

Some of you may be surprised that I'm a probational scouter now right? LoL! Initially I joined scout because someone persisted me to join. Nevertheless, it isn't bad like how I used to think. =)

KahHoo and WengTat in action..demo for the recruits.

Of course, it won't be perfect without camwhore!

YongMing, Huey-Ee, and KahHoo.

Me and the COW Huey-Ee.

This is the recent picture from the service in PuayChai School on last sat for the cub scouts. All I can conclude is..they are cute yet annoying. =\ Willing to learn but no intention. =\ dot dot dot~ But they're okay I guess.. There's this little boy who named William gave me the most "wonderful" experience. Wow. You should see his marching. Like a ballerina. Imagine a group of scout march in Ballet style, that would be the most humiliating scene. =P He's freaking mischievous..But due to his little body..I just can't stop irritate him..Too bad....That little brat was freaking naughty okay..I was the one who in-charge that group =P

Doing the PEK..PEK..PEK...thinggy...

Waiting for commands...

After services in PuayChai school, we rushed back to Taman S.E.A. For our dearly scouts. Ngek.

Recruits fall-in..

They're pretty fast huh..Few of them passed all their tenderfoot badge already. *thumbs up* After the troop meeting we had this scouter council meeting...until 1pm something. And headed to section 14 for lunch with Sarah, WengTat, Julian, Jeremy, Chuntatt, and YewJin. Sorry for ditching you guys and didn't send you some of you back due to some miscommunication with my mum.

Me and Sarah camwhore with KahHoo's phone. =P



Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cee's b'day

i ought to make this entry eventhoue khy and jung had already posted it, i hardly collect those pics from ah cee since she seldom get on9 and i guess she got quite a number of pics in her camera, i think i juz post those pics that i have gotten from beng siu and jung's blog..hehe

It was indeed fun to gather 13 ppl to sit together and have steamboat, we did chat and Pui Yong Gam Cheng..hehe
thanks for ah cee's treat and i wanna apologize for making Jung(the driver), Khy(beng siu), Thye(the young wan) and Kitt(the lame one) late for your dinner..><

Its Needless to list out the attendees on dat day since khy and jung have posted it..haha
so Pls enjoy the pics...we were having fun..=)

Before we headed to Yuen steamboat/in my shop
Beng siu got influenced by ah lians' act-he camwhored
Ah hoo came to visit and Jung looked impatient.
The hunny bunny.
Me and Trac
Kitt and I.
The Attendees, thanks cee's bro for tis pic=)
Nice shot. (thanks jen for driving me to ss3 )
Most of them wore BLACK.

Pink and Yellow- we were so unique with the colour...hehe

The one who sat beside me.


Last but not least, thanks jung for driving us there.

Thats all...

Dear Kitt,

im not satisfied with your latest post...hehe

Theres somthing else to add, good try though =]

With love,


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