Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lurve Jeh

Oct 20 -20 10
It is a speciall day for my Jeh, Sylvia Chan Tze Chui..
On this Fine day, I Made 3 Different Wishes For her...

One was On msn, Coz she wasn't asleep yet when I was online around 2++
Wonder, what she was doin lar..might be feeling excited for the sing k session later for that day..:P

@ overtime Drinking..

Huggie with Bulat..
Then...I tried to make it special so, i adjusted my handphone clock to be exact same as My jeh's
so that, I could sms her @ the time of 10:20am...just to make it special by the number...hehe
however, I was one min late for that as I was distracted by the subject evaluation during college..
failure though....ahahha

However, I wanted to make it @ 20:10..but I totally forgot during the
so another failure....
End up, My this failure makes me abit kiasu..
I actually asked my Jeh to adjust her phone timing to be at 20:10 while it was around 12a.m of 21/
then I sent my jeh another wish...
well indeed, IT WORKS!!!
ahahaha...i know it's kinda lame but she actually played along with me and both of us laughed
non stop that time...

Haha..This is It!!! has been loong since we last laughed together so badly...haha
Jeh..I really do miss youuuuu...
Missing those days that we always see each other regularly...
You're the only person who has been be there for me when I was really really down over
my stuffs back in a year++ time...

You..makes me realize quite a few of things that I need to beware of when I was 18th...
You always been thr for me when I need you advise...
I feel so glad that I have you as my godsis..
I never knew that I could have a sis like you...
Your patience with me..makes me feel that you are the only one who is willing to listen to my
nonsense thoughts and my crappy emotions..

Thanks Jeh for Your Everything!!

Jeh's B'day moments...

Mwahhh My Beloved Sis
Love You Alwayss xD

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