Saturday, August 09, 2008

My class, FIC

Currently listening to Lee Hom's Luo Ye Gui Geng

I'm tired of waiting for the slow upload of 8tv, they are taking ages to upload those pictures on the net and the worst part is that i don't think i could save those pictures from the flash..lool
so stupid..they asked me to get from there yet it seems like a no no now..hehehe
Anyway, thats not important cause I'm right here to blog about my class, my college life with my classmates..

Before that, i would like to share bout my lucky day, which is 8/08/2008....This day is kinda awesome, evrything seems to be so nice....
Olympics roxx!!
i reached college pretty early todae, i spent 60% of my free time searching pictures for my course work, flipping thru the pages in library does kill, kinda headache and lazee to flip..ehehhe
Sadly, there were not many books that are able to help me on my course work...
so right, i gave up and went down to the pc lab, but hell that it was under mantainence....AHhhh
Then, i had no choice but to go back to the library and use the pc there even though they looks incredibly cacat..=.=
Indeed, i've got all da cacat computers, I was quite pissed that i couldn't use any of them...
lool....I looked so kesian lor...Luckily, i met someone in the library, he was so happened to be my fren's classmate...then we toked and he lent his laptop to me...heee
How Lucky, at least i found someone to spend my freaking boring time..

When i was having my lunch, bro called me saying that he couldn't pick me up after his work cause of his lion dancing thingy, so i was so swt...and didn't bother much untill my class was goin to end...
I realised that i didn't have transport to go home and i was wearing heels, how to take public transport wo..lool
so right, i tumpang my fren's cab to ou...Guess who i Met?
It was Alwin whom i met in ou with Catherea..hehe
wonder what they were up to, they were chit-chatting at the taxi stand..lool
Luckily, i was able to get a ride from Catherea's dad, it was so fucking jam there...damn!!!
After dat, i went to Ming Tien to meet up with Caely, we were there for Olympics Opening Ceremony, how great is the event!!!...=D
The ceremony was so incredibly awesome...Two Thumbs Up..

*Caely is Crazee*

hehe...i like the "wo tie" from the chinese ramen stall..=)

Continue with my classmates..hehe

Some of u might not know what course that I'm actually taking in SEGi, it's Foundation In Commerce, so we call it F.I.C...ehehhe
Basically, my class has only 23 persons...It's a pretty small group, but we are able to mix with each other well..hehe

Most of them are chinese lor and minor of them are malay...ehhehe
1 international student-mongolian and an eurasian-portuguese campur portuguese+chinese..
hahaha...form the equation, he is quite a portuguese still..=X
As usual, chinese guys are always shy and don't dare to tok and I'm da weird chinese girl who tok alot...
So right, evryone of them thinks I'm kinda crazy...but who cares, evryone knows

Want some pictures????

Present you, Girls in my class, not all but we are the lazee one.

This is Tiffany, lets call her Tiff..ehhe
& loookkk! I'm so freaking fat...ahahah flabby flabby

She is Kemi,
Hey mongolian~

75% of my class..loool
Taken in A&W...Our Floats

Hesha and I..
We are simply the craziest in class!
we laugh like nobody business..ya allah~

Don't judge me with this picture, lool
I was standing right infront of the door, just so happened i was posing, so i can't resist of not taking it...=(
hee..sha accompanied me to do da silly awful thing...>.<

The end!!
My hair is looking normal now, not that wavy anymore
It is becoz i combed it the other day, i can't stand the messy look and combed it for the first time after 4 months permed.

Lots of love,

Do not regret of what u have done,
cause it was you the matter!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Busy busy and picturessss.......

Currently listening to Keisha cole's sent from heaven.

My weekend was pretty cool, i didnt really sleep much and didnt really rest.
Part of the reason is because of Sylvia's stay over...hehe my jeh..=)
so i got to shop with her b4 she back to kuching..hmmmp
so we went SP, yeah it is da nearer place....our lunch was pretty heavy but atleast we ate it alll..=D
After dat, we rushed back for the wedding dinner..hoohoho...

Shhh....bcoz of the time, we both didnt shower..lool
we just got dressed up without shower, and it makes a lot of diff, i didn't have the mood to makeup though...lool swty swty..ewww
The wedding dinner was quite nice eventhough i don't really know the groom and the bride..ahahha
but who cares?...i did have fun chatting around with ppl...*as usual*
hehe...gonna show u me in cheongsam, omg i look so freaking mature..i nid a make over...=X

Here i present u Sylvia jeh *officially* loool

My brothers...they just look so so so so Different.

I think i could find some similarities here..

The Best Pic Ever!!!!!

GOSH....After viewing those pictures, i've realised something..........
WTHHHH....i think i put on WEIGHT...
Look at my arm...omg they are so freaking flabby...

The next day of the dinner, i actually went to KL convention centre to work as a camera promoter...IT WAS PIKOM PC FAIR!!!
however, i will never like pc fair, it is so freaking packed....ppl there are so crazee, wonder why they would rather go there and stuff themselves in the hall while checking out the prices...If i were them, i would just leave the room and grab some drink at SURIA KLCC...Phew~~

My sale on that sunday was just nice for a beginner, i supposed...ahhaha
my colleagues are so freaking awesome, i love them all, they are very nice and smart =D
i spent my time shouted in da mall and i was showing my smiley face to get customers' attentions..but hell, it was so fucking crowded and noisy till i could barely speak...

Hee...that's all for now, i shall blog about the ultimate prom nite thingy once 8tv has uploaded those pictures...=D


Lots of love,

Oh ya, i'm in love with pink colour again......^^

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