Saturday, May 10, 2008


Since I've got nothing to do..And people keep telling me that my sis and I look alike comes with comments like PHOTOCOPY, BISCUIT CHOP and etc of each other. So now I decided to post a picture of me and her.

Don't ask if I'm the black or the red one. Btw, her name is KittVei. I'm sure you can differentiate both of us right? HAHA. Of course I'm the one with taukei younger look. (owhhh..KhyLi...Chicken wings in ur mind now?)

That's us when we were still a kid. "Hmmm...Aren't we just lovely?"

Jeh: Muaksssss...KittLei:"WHHHAAATTTT TTTTHHHAAAA FFFFAARRKKKKK?? (innocent kid like me dont "WTF" around okkaayyy..)"What is she doing? Take picture lar...kiss me...=.=" "

Jeh:" Heeee! *Thumbs Up*

Me:" S-W-E-A-T-S"

Do we really look that alike? Regardless of all actions and attitudes, because I know is totally different. HAHA.


KittLei =)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


HAHA! I'm back. -_________-"
Back with a Fishing Post! Heeeee!

LAAAASSSST LAAAASSTTT Sunday..went to somewhere in Kelana Jaya for fishing. RM10 for fee excluding bait, fishing rod and so on. Only pond for you. And yeah, it's my first time fishing by using a fishing rod. So don't laugh! =) It's a great experience though. Reached there at 3pm(we're supposed to meet there at this hour). Coincidentally, it rained just right on tick. !@#$%!@#$% Thank god is not a long rain..

I guess I'll let the pictures do the talkings. xD Sorry for the bad quality pictures. Pictures below are pictures that KahHoo theorized is "potential" for this post............LAME.................

I shall start the picture with...
The ORGANIZER. WeeKiat. *Thanks for the ride*.
He brought this.....THE Worms as bait. Earthworms as well..
*just ignore my face -___-"* SEEEEeeeee!...all I can think of is sinful....but no choice....In order to...HEeeee!...I'm brave though..xDFishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
...........really test ur patience....And I realized that I don't like fishing by will be okay if with a NET. xD

The FIRST fish of the day among us were caught by ChunTatt. Actually what happened to the fish? LoooL! I think it ran away after taking picture!. LMAO
Too bad for Julian..Rods taken by him were a little problematic. While YeeEn helping out with Julian's rod.WengTat. *waiting patiently* Eventually....He caught the MOST fishes...hahaha. He caught 4 if not mistaken.. While the elder Sir caught more than 5. Can't recall. =)Fisheeeee with the bait.'s Julian again with ChunTatt this time....Fixing the rod again..-___-
While we were fishing..... There's one person caught this... I still don't know what's that...
Any idea what's this?I've no idea. xD


There's a total of 14-16...Not bad right? And I managed to catch ONE before I leave the place! Freaking syok. I guess is pretty good for a first-timer lor....since some of them..haha..NONE. xD

The group picture.



No Life.


This adjective can be used in different ways, and im so gonna emphasize it on ppl who have no life and have no idea on what they are doing...
Somehow, they are simply desperate on getting something untill they showed their lifeless acts doing things that do not benefit any parties..

For example....
Being a camwhore-
Many people like to take their on pictures and post it on blog, facebook, friendster, my space, msh and etc....It is actually a waste of time to take dat many of pictures juz to let ppl see how pretty/good looking is she/he which i not beneficial yet showed how lifeless is dat person..
Even so, many of us are doin it...lets check it out.

From a camwhore noob to a camwhote genius....
Lalafied as u guys say...


Game freaks.
online game is actually a tool to reduce stress, but it seems like most teengers are playing it or being obessesed with it and well i wonder how stress can they be? Some even missed their meals juz to level up their swt =P

Go home lar,mum is waiting..

POKER....Kitt's fav

Watching Tv. a tv lover, and who doesnt love it?
we tend to spend most of our time in entertainment and eventually we got so obsessed with things that tv could ever bring to us...don't u feel lifeless after a long duration with tv...

Sleeping beauty wannabe.
Sleeping is wat i love most...
It helps me to get enough rest and i feel so energetic after 8 hrs of sleep...
Sadly, i don't appreciate it, i tend to sleep late and wake up late and became a factor of my imbalance lifestyle, ugly eye bags and weak immune is juz one of the lifeless thing that u can pratice evryday, we could miss lot of fun stuffs during our excess sleeping hrs..

I bet he had a very sweet dream....

Kuih Bulan...

Note: Those things that i have listed above are actually what i used to do for the past 5 months..haha





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