Thursday, January 21, 2010

Valentines day SPECIAL!

Well.. everybody loves valentines day...i think? is just a day for the couple to celebrate...
so...roses always in the list!! roses for the one u love!!!
Y NOT RIGHT?????!!
If u love somebody, be brave to express your feeling..
u can do it as simple as giving roses or chocolates..;)

Here's an OFFER!!!'s a great Offer, my dear frens!!!

Can you see those beautiful bouquet of roses??
Those are from china and those are much prettier than the local one ..;)

And...b├žoz of valentine's coming, it's offering something affordable
and much worthy than u buuying from outside ;)

Below is the list of price for the wrapping model of roses from A1 to A6
Could enlarge the picture by just tabbing on ur mouse.

A1 - 6 pieces = RM130
A2 -12 pieces red rose= RM 108
A3 and A4 - 12 pieces pink rose = RM 108
A5 - 6 pieces red rose = RM 45/RM 55- including delivery
A6 - 1 piece = RM 10

These prices are included with wrapping =)
and delivery within K.L and P.J is provided...and the charges will be according to the
Also...those prices only available for pre-order till 7 of FEB 2010...
U may send it earlier as V'day falls on CNY.

* all the pre-order are required a 50 % of deposit
* any special request on wrapping, pls do provide pictures and we would do as in the way u request.

Any enquiry??
U may comment at this blog, facebook or email to me @

Thanks =)
Let's rock Valentine's day!!! ;)

Shits happen.

It was my last day of my first sem exam for degree..
it was accounting paper, i was studying up late cause i just gotta finish those MCQs
the night b4 it.

i slept quite late as usual...but shit happens!!!
In the morning, i got up and realized that the sky is so bright and FCK!!!
My alarm didn't work, and it was 10 15 and my exam was at 9 30?

I was like..what's happening man...
make me so so so panic and i was freaked out..
no one in the hse woke me up and by da time i got up and react to my thought
i woke my dad up and He SCOLDED me!!!

I was so innocent kay, it scared me!!! he drove me to college anyway..
Supposingly, I was just betting if i could get in and do atleast some questions...

Then...when i open the door and ask the invigilator, she said NOP!!!
I was so down and so freaking upset...and tears drop immediately~!!
Then i met with my course coordinator, he tot i was coming out from the exam room
askin me : "how's the paper?? any problems?"
My tears just rolled down and i couldn't control it, i told him i was late cause of
my phone was hang and the alarm was not working!!
so he was like..Get inside and finish it?
i said :'the lady didn't allow me"
He was so kind and help me to talk her out and let me in!!
it was embarrassing that almost everyone saw my eyes RED
wondering what happened to me =/

Gosh..luckily my course coordinator is very understanding!!
End up, I got my paper finished but i had no time to think much and check my answers...
obviously I've got lot mistakes on the MCQs part..!!

never been so panic u know...
if i resit, it's gonna give me a maximum marks of 40% and it's probably not enough to
get a better grade..

I was so upset cause i didn't have a chance to stop this from happening
and glad that they are so understanding =)

By the way, the exam ends at i just had no time...
was in a pathetic situation!

Talking about understanding, my parents keep blaming me as i can't wake up
by myself without the help of my alarm and saying that
i always sleep so late and causing this to happen..
my dad even doesn't believe that it was cause of the phone problem...
Damn fck up!!

He even tot that i din set the alarm or i didn't hear the alarm!!
in the morning i check my fcking phone, it was off and i only can on it back
with a remove of my battery!!!

See..shit does happen!!

I'm sad enough and my parents still don't try to be in my shoes..'s life
and shits happen again...

this is my 2nd post about shits happen...
and foul language speaking is getting more pro
I do not know why i keep saying those rude things but i guess i know i just do
it when exams are near...

and so...i declare, after this exam, i shall stop swearing ;)
no more stress even though knowing my result is not gonna be that good
as i planned..
I try ;)

Gonna be emo with lee hom's song...sighh

I'm still upset =X

p/s: Anyway, i did my best to just put this bad thing down by SHOPPING!!
haha..I got my first set of cny clothes..=D

Up next i will be posting some Valentines day special offer =)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Intense week.

finally tml is my first ever paper for my Degree study!!!
can u sense that..hahaha

it's gonna take me 3 days in a row to finish these 3 subjects!!
then my first sem of degree will be officially OVER!!
Thanks god..!!!

Wish me luck =)

Alrite...after this 3 days, i will be spending few days time to be lifelesS..ahhaa
and will update pics from Khy's 20th bday party!! xD

stay tune!!

Guess what was Edwin doing..??? xD

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