Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My recent interest.

College is like so freaking normal..
can't find something interesting to do,
guys in coll are like MIA!!!

so boring that i've gotta stay at home and edit this and dat
during my off day of coll!!

Since, i'm back to coll,
public transport is always my companion to get home.
waiting for Malaysia's public transports is like the worst thing u might just have to do it..
and thanks god that,
i wont die of boredom that quick coz i'm just so addicted of seeing CARS.
cars on the road or anywhere..
they just got my attention!!
wonder what turn me to be a car person!! xD

any places i go..
like my coll, shopping malls and anywhere i go..
my eyes are like staring at those cars especially the colours..lool

guess what..
a Pink Honda Civic Type-R makes me so in love with the car..
its bout pink or the caR?..
i do not know,
i just find type-r so cute after i've seen that pink type-r...lool
i sounded like a kid!!

just by looking at those cars
my time tend to pass faster...
taking public transport might not that bad after all?..

my fav list.


i still love u fairladyz=)


the car that makes me so
crazee..(long story)

Found this in my coll parking slot..
gonna check out whos
da owner..hehe

just in case u dont know..
hehe...Perdana is so HOT!!


merc-clk350 convertible=)


don't you think it is like
specially made for LADIES?


Pink colour RIM!!!
cute right?...

p/s: twilight is a movie that really makes me so into it...
it was boring at the beginning but it was alright
when the love thingy started..
the eyes contact..seriously, damn cool!
so gonna read the novel!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Showdown of champions!

all of sudden, i fell for jay's shuo hao de xing fu..
this song is freaking nice!!
well..yeah nice!!!
no doubt lar, his songs are somehow awesome wan..hehe

todae is actually a post bout the showdown of the 4 champions..
which was the most stupid event job that i've ever been to!!!
sorry lar justin..but i was like a fool over there>.<
haha..listened to rachel whine whole night...
was not cool nia that job!!

and barely have time to watch those matches..
all i felt was like..4 of them were like acting or giving a performance
when they play the games..aiks!
nt chi gek at all..
and got these 4 stupid ang moh from australia..
they are so fcking no face!

here comes the story..
so rachel and i supposed to check the ticket for the VIPs.
so here came these 4 ang moh who fcking dressed as if they are athelic
so..they showed the tciket which athelic couldn't enter, and they claim that the organizers
let them enter the VIPs area...then i asked them to hold on
but they didn't and freakign went inside there and have their own fun..
so it wasn't a matter to me, coz i din really care bout what was i doing also!

after that...
rachel told me they were having fun watching match thru the glass window with food and drinks which only free for those VIPs..
wah,,muka damn tebal
so rachel asked da security to bring them out..
so they wasn't happie and wanted to bribe rachel so that she can let them to sit at the bttter places=.="
super lame shit..
of coz no lar..u think rachel dumb meh!!

then right..they were swept away for awhile..ehhe
then again..they enter to the VIPs area again without our notice!
they this time were sitting at the athelic called security to drag them out again..
so tot it was a full stop for this silly trouble..

after like an hr..
they came back with a slut there...
that stupid slut was showing half boobies..and trying to seduce the security
by coqueting her freaking small boobs...=.='
they were there to buy beer..they wanted beer so badly!!
yeah right..bullshit
they wanted to buy beer so that they can enter the VIPs area...
lame excuse...
they chit chatted with the security and the manager for so freaking long
tot so they are very funny=.="
really sia shui ppl wan tis kind of ppl..
self-claimed athelic..DUMB!!

Alright lar..time to post some pics of that day..
waited almost 2 weeks for these pictures..hehe
thanks jessica ce ce..=)

we might get the award of " the worst costume of the day"

ppl who were at the VIP station..

The syok-sendiriness happened!


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