Friday, October 10, 2008

Awesome night.

I can only post this picture at this moment as the other pictures still pending..

It was the awesomeness night.

Awesome dinner.

...awesome place.

...with Awesome people!

Really had fun with you guys.

And of course the Birthday girl Sharmila. :)

Post on this will be updated as soon as possible.

See ya! ;)


An hour of Jokes and Food!


It was a sunny Thursday,
Can't really got up from bed, but i managed to be at K.J Lrt in time
to wait for Sarah..=)

First time sitting in Sarah's car, and now i know how it feels like..
We rushed like mad to P.J Taylor's so that we won't be late as
Khy was the one who invited us( jess, rah and i)
haha...But, we ended up to be the earliest there=.="

"It proves that, we were Quite Early"

lala..cut this craps...
We camwhoreed and gossip outside the restaurant " Lemon GrasS" before khy
asked us to go in..

As usual, he welcome us to go in the restaurant with his very typical way...
Which is " ah beng style"
" lai lai, come in come in" with his hand waving here and there~

And he was the camera man of that day...
Let the pics to talk la...aiseh~!

"Khy, Jb and the Menu"








HERE ...the waiter
Edwin: Feel so proud to serve u guys =)

Khy: hard to snap his pic la, TOO talll!!

" Jess got served by Wee Lee"/gg

Seafood Kerabu

Sago Pudding...
"hen tian la..=["

Khy and Sarah

Meng leong, Khy and Yi Ching

Jess, Khy and Hx.


The food weren't that bad, but i really can't taaste the chicken..
haha, thats why there is no pic of the "Ayam Masak Merah" ..=D
Edwin didn't really do his job well..hahaha
he disturbed us most of the time...=P

thanks sarah for sending me home =)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A day with jeh!

Currently listening to " force of gravity remix"
thanks chingz for this =)

She was here for a vacation and also of cause to visit me la..=)
Since we always spend our time in Sunway for the past few times she came down here..
Thats why i made One u as the first option to spend our time =D

Went for dim sum with her , dad and sis in the morning...
It was superB...but too bad nia, i didnt snap any photos...
hehe..the only thing i know is, the dim sum restaurant is located at
JLN Kuchai Lama...*if im not mistaken*

MMmm....we didn't do much thing in Ou,
we managed to spare our time for "MAMA MIA"
Two Thumbs Up for this movie..i love it so muchie~
hee....I don't mind watching it again..=)
But if u want a better FEEL, thou shall watch with ur love one..=)

keke...Before the movie, we DID
something awesome yet Silly at DREAM WORLD...
Lool...imagine a 23 yrs old girl accompanied me to that shop and camwhore with Phone...

Welll....the pictures turned out to be quite nice,
Cause the light there is kinda suitable for camwhorer like me..=D
Basically, later u will HAVE TO see some of those pictures..lalala~~

After movie, WE went for FISH SPA at FOOT MASTER!!!
There is only one word for me to described the whole SPA THING...
which IS " TICKLISH"
Imagine thoudsand of fishes biting ur feet...
just imagine
or u can try it..
RM38 per treatment...which last for 30 mins..

ehhee...too much of words d...
lets see PICTURESS!!!

She is my jeh, Sylvia~
we been sharing our secrets since the day of idea
we share almost everything and she sayang me so much!!
Love ya jeh!!
don't Miss me too much=P

Glad that i know her, we seem no Age Gap
eventhough she is 5 yrs older than me...
the kind and caring her,
help me get thru a lot of problems and also
some of the minor minor things
Thanks =)

See..eventhough she is 5 yrs older,
but i tend to look OLDER than her..
MY solo pics...

Lik kampung girl riding on
OLD Bicycle..=D

I personally quite like this =P!!



No comment!!!



Oh hi~~

Time to imagine how ticklish!



I was trying not to laugh~

Hee...lai lai

After that,
it was about yum cha at NZX with caely=D

HAd fun though...thanks =)

P/s: My QM subject exam wasnt that hard lar..thanks god=S

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Really cant stand it la....
Rotting at home during exam break, it's like killing me...
I can really die of boredom...sob

Everyone is studying in coll and I'm at home doing nothing..
wonder how will my SEM break be..issh~
freaking long lor...i wanna work!!!

That's why i hate hols so much...>.<
Luckily, i still got moonlight resonance to watch...
if not, i will be choking myself to

Having exam tml, hopefully i can do it well...
Not hard but still worry abit lor..><

Time pass so so so so slow while I'm stuck at home..sob

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