Monday, January 04, 2010

Finding xcuses xD

Just so free that I'm writing this entry and shaking my legs at hoome..

I think i had just finished all my drama during this Study break, I keep watching
till the end episode, I'm really tat impatient to wait. =/
Which mean, I didn't really spend much time on my STUDIES!!
I don't know why, Degree is so different till i don't know whr to start studying and
whr shud i start reading..=(

I think i did attend all my classes, few skipping is not so big deal right..=]
By that, i think i did collect enough of my notes and discussion from my lecturers..
so shud be alrite if i just read all those...
my classmate reminded me todae, i actually went to classes LATE every single time!!
that's making me so dead...cause i missed the important part as lecturer only
remember to tell wat's important at the beginning of the class..
Basically, I'm kinda DEAD now..=/

I kept finding excuses that im tired so i needed more drama during the time
im at home just to relax myself more before i start focusing on my studiess..
haha...It didn't work lar...excuses keep knocking my mind to be the idea..
asking me to WATCH WATCH WATCH instead of READ READ READ...=/

I feel guilt for not studying so i go and read, but then i read like almost 5 pages,
i stopped, claiming that i've had enough..i can't insert more infos into my brain..
so i went and watch my drama or click click on my Fb...
but the time i spent on wathcing drama is Much longer than i study..Lool
the ratio is 1:3 ?

Very lousy of me i rather not to stay at home much, it doesn't really help...
I went to college todae..ahhaa
Just to study..and focus under the cozy enviroment with the smell of books in my coll's library..
Thanks god, i studied like 3 times more than tat i did at home...
but i kept yawning..Lool
yawn......,my fren tot i din't get enuff sleep the other night..
the truth is...I wasn't tired but i just yawn when i read..!!
What The Heck !!!

I don't know how now...I'm such a excuses finder..hahaha
And also a procrastinator...
I think I can't do anything =(

ciao..I wanna finish my drama and try focus now!! =)

P/s: aku ni tak emo sekarang kay!!!


New yr eve moments with caroline, wei ee and all kawans =']

Thanks wei ee for inviting me =)

All of us!
it was taken 5mins b/4 2010 =)

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