Saturday, July 18, 2009


Would you somehow feeling so unappreciated?
Doing things that u don't usually do?...ends up being unappreciated??

It seems like no big deal when you are kind enough to help people and give advices.
but some people just don't know how to say " thanks"
Thank you is a magic word, it drives people to do many things for u..and it's a basic manner to say thanks when u get something from the others...

Unfortunately, there are these people do not practice it since they were young...
they tot they are in a real bad situation so that ppl around them shud tolerate them..'s understandable that someone would somehow got too busy and lost in some way, it resulting them to forget bout the basic manner..usually, for once or twice, normal people like me could really tolerate with it..

however, if u help someone and that someone just happened to be a normal fren of urs, he tend to take you for granted and every thing seems as if u're supposed to help him...slowly, volcano is gonna burst...and lava is gonna melt everything around..

that's why there is a saying in chinese.."
good man is easy to get con and the others could get advantages from them easily"

in the end, the one keep helping only get the nickname like "
Mr good, good guy, orang baik" or wat so ever lar...
it's not gonna heal the person's heart until that ungrateful fren comes and give a hug and say thanks..just a text msg saying thank you would distinguish all the fire..

Alrite..back to myself..
so feeling unappreciated is something that i face quite often, however, it gets me mad for awhile as i think it does not deserve my time...
and...mayb someday, they would tell their kids how grateful he/she was towards me!!

not to forget, mayb sometimes i also did somthing like that ....
so thinking back, i also have no right to be pissed with them, just take it easy and try not to be a fool for the second time..;)

here's a video- UNAPPRECIATED

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