Friday, May 22, 2009

my new F-A-V


I'm really obsessed with Mazda 6 recently!!!
even though i don't know about cars but i do like to see the DESIGN!!!
Its so crazeee tat i'm so desperate to see MAZDA 6 on the road whenever i'm outside!!

no longer crazee over the cute MAzda RX-8 nor FAIRLADY 350z...coz
Mazda 6 caught my's handsome..hehehe

Especially when it's in White!!..mwahh~~

just like the design of mazda !!
the thing tat caught my eyes every time i see it was the xenon headlight n the fog light.


And ya..nite-at-the-museum-2 is an AWESOME MOVIE!!!!!!!!

not forgetting bout prison break....after watching the ending, glad tat the ending was rather good and meaningful...din't waste my time to wait for the whole story.
Had been spending 4 yrs until the final ep...Lool
however, i did cry b'coz of the touching scenes at the end.

well..nex will be my gossip gal!..
gonna clear my unwatched new eps.

There's so much of uncertainties,
nothing will keep constant forever.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thinking and thinking.

Yeah...I'm back here being active..
hopefully it won't be for temporary lar..

As time goes by, working in one u really bored me...and it makes my colleague and me to have this DESPO thought..LOOL

He was a seaparkian too..but i can''t reveal his name here..lool
we were at new wing there seeing people pass us by, none of them would actually come and be the lucky customer of, we had this stupid thought.

Coz..normally, we See couples in a mall...those couple usually were made up from A pretty gal and a ugly man..sorry i have to mention the word ""ugly""
Lol...or either..Handsome and ugly was kinda unexplainable as it''s like a trend for the couple world...
u can observe different kind of couple wherever u go...

and i've met this couple in my the gf did something very disgusting to the bf..hahaha
they were walking walking..then suddenly, this gf go near to the bf and pull his sleeve

It was Extremely
however, the bf was rather yong sui if were to compare with the gf..ahhahaa

Owh ya..back to the my observation from working...ahhaa
after keep seeing those colleague suddenly appeared with this sentence.."''s time to find a gal d...aiyor...find from here or when i get into KDU?"

My reaction was like.." HUH??..sai mm sai oh..don't dream dream"
he was so paiseh when i said dat..haha but he was joking lar of coz....
wat i was trying to bring out as a topic is..." why is it so easy for us to see couples around while it''s so hard for us to actually have it?"

yeah really true...things don't come easily, u really have to work for it and as well nid to coop with the timing..

and somehow, people would tot tat being in love is the only way to have everything in life..
if u're not in love with someone, u''re considered as not complete....

well how does it sound with this sentence "you don't need someone to make u feel complete"?

Its pretty true as it's not an necessity but somehow the heart is bad enough to ask u to feel it tat way.
asking u to be desperate
asking u to wanna feel Love.
asking u to feel touched by someone.
asking u not to feel the loneliness.
asking u to have someone by ur side.
asking u to confess to someone u like.
asking u to work hard to get someone.
asking u to find someone to love.
asking u to search for the ideal one.
asking u to be rather silly to fall for the bad one. (well..this happen most of the time)
asking u to hurt the one whom love u.
asking u to flirt around just to satisfy ur own needs.

So Manny things that the heart could possibly ask us to do it in order to make us feel satisfied or to fulfill that emptiness in heart/ temptation.
slowly, we will become so freaky...Scary!!

Yeah..if one can't control the heart, tat person is gonna be the most idiotic human being in world.
thinking with the heart can ruin lot of things..
brain can be corrupted or not functioning right...if the heart is controlling ur thinking, nothing is gonna be right as
things tat our heart asks us to do are mainly affected by the temptation.
therefore, we don't need to find the one so early as it really takes time to reach the ideal one,
being desperate to have a partner is awfully unhealthy coz we really don't need to find a partner to fulfill our bad desires..=)
be true to the person that u are going after,
love doesn't provide any reasons or excuses!!
the question is...
How truthful can u be?

Walking around the beach,
we could see our footsteps clearly,
if this ever apply to our daily life,
we are gonna see the sins that we have done
each day.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Hey peep...u know wat?
my coll just started n my life has just gotten mm.. a lil normal back as i have to go back to coll!!

haha..coll is still normal but lotsa new faces as the new intakes keep recruiting those young ppl..'Lool
Most of them look SO innocent...=/

by da way..i just spent my time bz working as a promoter..the lousy one..the one keep talking non stop and keep giving broaches for those passer BORING!!

but..time flies fast while u work so i have made lotsa new frens as they were so LUCKY to be my colleauge and i gotta get experiences..;)

mmm..of coz lar i did go here n there during this hols...
i went lotsa places for shopping n makan!!

wink...people who always with me were Caely n Sylvia..SEE
i so good d...nvr go out with GUYS..lool

And somehow, pictures just have to come out and help u to speak all the words that u wanna say..Bla bla bla...Pls browse thru the piccturrrrrrresss..wink!

First...I was so hyper that i WANNA SWIM so BADLY!!!

Then..The best Pork noodles in town !!

After tat..went to meet up with Sylvie!!..;)


we were stucked in tat stupid JAM!

hello..i''m From MC.D

boredom makes one CAMWHORE.
Lol..caely was sleeping behind me...i have the pic!!

THEN.................we WORK work WOrrk WORKKKK!!!
we had so much fun working..eventhough it was rather torturing to work in Curve..but i think we had lotsa fun with Andrew, hyman n kelly..*wink*

After tat bz working days..
we went K.l For nice Food...Malacca was cancalled due to some unpredicatable REASON!

the Crazee one..

well..we were crazeeee enough to use this way to go up to the star station from MASJID JAMEK!

We were trying hard to be LALA so that we can adapt to the K.l Enviroment..Lool
so bad!!!

I think we had it fail miserably...Coz we looked more like SIAO ZHA POR.

came here to pay a visit to the dentist clinic of caely

And of coz..we were here to MAKAN at this super OLD REstaurant with SUPER AWESOME FOOD!!

Full of peoeple there..most of the workers are quite old and experienced..=)
and also...U WON''T have a CHANCE to see labor working there...GOOD!

u can still see the restaurant using the OLD time plug..=)
i can really feel the Aura..kinda like it =D

the view outside the restaurant.

Drink tea. jeh FAVourite!!!
by da way..this Roasted duck is their signature dish.
sisda sisda...

Nice nice..Mwahh da duck lor.

As usual..she tried to act Cute.. makes me feel hungry..=/
dinner was so lil tat i can''t satisfy my stomach..sob

i actually did fishing in my class

Coincidences brought us together,
u walked away randomly and
came back whenever u like,
now i know that u're not coming back
and feeling tat i was
naive enough to hope for ur return.

whatever it is,
I'm sick of the lies,
u're an ass.

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