Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I miss my laptop!

Currently listening to Britney's Why shud i be sAD?

I don't know when only can post up the recent pictures of mine on here!!
sOB...those pictures are so cham being stucked in the camera's memory card..lol

My dear laptop!!
Pls come back to me lar...=/

Remember the song from Green day?
Wake me up when September ends..

IT was a pretty awesome song, everybody was so crazee over it back in 4 yrs time..>.<
I was in form 3 at that time..
SO YOUNG!! hooohoooo~~~
but after 4 yrs, which is now,
I think i did make some differences!! face also chan d..everything also changed jor..something in me stays and something in me just go away as the time passes ;)

shits happen during the end of the sept>.<
I become jobless d...currently I'm really FREE!!!
Finally, i don't have to say no to the outing on weekend d..hehehe
but it is only for temporary,
gotta find a new job after i've got myself rest enough..;)

I'm So gonna miss my colleagues from Samsung...
miss u all lor i will xD
Nice people..had fun working there also... and becoz of that, i learned to talk very rudely...haha
whose fault??..xD

other than being not hired, i did something really dumb on my bank draft as well... haha.. Kinda dumb to make tat mistake..just hoping when i get the thing settle, it will be fine lar..
Rugi enough d..=/ Baka me>.<
Shhhh..i din even dare to tell my parents about it.. >.<...


Anyone goin for AAR's concert at Ou???

Looking for someone to go along with..hehe
We can go get the ticket together.. =)
yay yay!!


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