Friday, April 08, 2011

What do you really want?

Life has so much to do and so much to deal with....and some people just wanna make their life as good as possible, or shud i say to be perfect?

there are plenty of perfectionist in this world, they just want life to be perfect, no mistakes
no regrets and no ugliness...
However, the reality is just so cruel...human are born to make mistakes!
it's not an insulting statement, it's the fact..that we see it everyday...
coz in this goddam world, there is no exact right or wrong...

whatever a person do is based on
his own favor...of coz in times, he expect majority of people to follow or to agree with him as well..
when he thinks that this is actually right and beneficial, he will do..regardless of other consequences..

and people who always think for the others and restrict themselves to do certain things are given this comment " aiyorr..u're thinking too much...toooo much la!" in fact, such " thinking too much" people are not exactly that jobless to think so much, it is that they just wanna make things right and don't want any negative feedback..

based on this 2 type of ppl, they are similar in a way which is wanna make things right and no regrets..

however the method of carrying thing out is just opposite...and this will bring to da same result..
mistakes! it happens cause human were born to think differently...

they have different opinion and own perspective or i can say prejudice?
yeah...dats why...when u're trying extremely hard to make thing right, some people just think that its just not right...

then where does the perfect thing come from?? its not that nobody is perfect, its that we CAN'T be perfect...
this is the nature..
it will make u feel like a fool to keep making sth better when another group of people is there to comment...

somtimes, its not about you're not good enuff..its about who is there to see ur efforts...
whether that person feels it and appreciate it....

it could be no mistake @ this second, but another minute its just sucks...
isn't it funny? god just create us and we thought that being great and brilliant is da way to have a life have you ever think of it?

if we weren't born to be brilliant or rich, how do we have a life? think of the people @ rural area? think of the people who suffer from starving? why would they still struggling to survive?...they knew they cant be as perfect?

To me,

Life is not all about glamor, fame, luxurious and has got to be something else..
that something else could be varies to different people...

just find ur own need, what kind of life would make u feel best and matter
how others comment bout it...

we can't be perfect but we could make those mistakes tat we make daily to be something
worthwhile to your life... explore the meaning within it...and thats the ideal living that you want...
doesn't matter if other thinks that you're plain stupid or plain day, when they see the smile on ur face..they will understand....

its about believing in urself after all... (:

Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Are you afraid ? Afraid of something that u are trying to prevent it from happening...

If that something is gonna happen within your expectation, how is it like? Do u rather let it happen
without ur knowledge?

I know how it feel, it is like you are so afraid of injection but you just have to get it done...the moment you see the fine needle poke into ur skin and slowly into ur muscle.... OUCCCHH!
Don't you just feel the pain?

Similarly, if things that you think it will happen just the matter of time and you're so fear of it..
when it actually present infront of you, it will give such expressions la.." Scream" " stone"
"scared" "Speechless" "hide urself" all these...are the natural response...

As if the nightmare is finnally arrived!!! * Taaa daaaa!!*'s definitely not a surprise!
It's just an unexpected disaster!! Just as if 2012 is coming and you're not sure of it and what if
it finally happened?....that will be damn SHOCKING and the expressions of
*stoning* *screaming* *Scared* *giggling*....those epic xrpessions!!

And slowly, these will lead to brain just overload and keep thinking and thinking
how how and how?
as if u're in the middle of dark jungle have no where and no direction to go...all you know is " owh shit..I'm Stucked"
yeah..STUCKED! when ur brain tend to think a lot and a lot, definitely there won't provide you
any solution but STUCKED!

Get it! it just stucked as if the bloood stucked in ur vein and u instantly feel as if u're gonna faint!

It could be similar with Brain freeze!! oooppppss..reminds me of watermelon lycee from Vichudda..hehehe

It's really not fun to actually bump into someone that you dun wanna see..
you will get stucked cause you don't know whr to hide...and it just bother you with the existence of that can't focus and well...stoning and speechless take place..xD

Monday, April 04, 2011

half 一半

Loneliness kill?

It is such a popular song but I din know about it only after my jeh sing the song @ ktv!!
She's a banana yet she got to know the song earlier than i do...makes me feel so outdated.hahaha

This is a song of a lonely girl saying she's always feeling halved as she has no one to be with her,
she spend all her time @ work and being sounds kinda sad and to me, i can't help but to actually imagine that what if one day I'm all alone and nobody to share all my ups and downs.

what is happiness is just not enough if i were to be alone?
nobody could share and it just sounds damn sad...

Nobody wants to be lonely and nobody wants to be restricted from doing many things..but it is happening to many people...that is why some couple just can't live without each other.

it is hard to handle heartbroken it is because it is harder to face the loneliness in the future..
humans are just so funny, we afraid many things...afraid to be loved and afraid to love..all these
are just like a scary movie as though it will haunt us day by day.
it would be pathetic to be lonely but could it be more pathetic to be afraid of the coming of loneliness?

I think everybody could be as pathetic when come to this, just like the nature cycle...
ppl get married so that there's a companion when you're old, ppl have children to ensure there's still a companion when their love one is gone...
we keep searching for companion since da day we were born, we have friends we have bf/gf we have siblings, we have cousins and all relatives...all these are just in nature..human biggest fear is to be lonely.

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