Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good girsl go bad!!

I make them good girls go bad~~

In Love with the song..

After emo-ing, i didn't come and blog d..haha
freaking emo, coz i was really tired..then come here and ngam ngam cham cham abit..=P

i sat for my accounting 3 paper, it was pretty confusing and out of my expectations.
Sitting for this final also making todae
a day to remember coz I'm finishing my Foundation soon, 3 papers left..haha
just wanna finish all, then i can get myself ready for dgree,
even though I might as well meet back the same few ppl, but then..it ought to be fun..!!!
Dgree, so many frens of mine alrdy went to dgree, SO FAST!
and i feeling so so so slow, crawling like a tortoise..ahhaa
frens tat taking Diploma, they are gonna finish in a yr time though.. sob sob
Sad that,I'm still sitting for foundation paper..LOL

However, it's alrite lar, I'm able to enjoy myself and do things tat i enjoy..
i can even work while studying/ during exam...
Life never been so BUSY with useful matteers around...;)
WORK + STUDY!! pretty fun lor actually..At least I'm not spending money at some stupid places..hahaa
But, Yum cha is still a must la...
Life without yum cha is colourless..;)

Agree agree???
No matter what, i like to gossip, tat's how i survive..hehee
thats why we need to yum cha..ehhe
One of the best way to destress and keep urself updated..xD

Enough of the craps..gonna stop here
with the vid of " Good girls go bad" by Cobra starship ft Leighton meester (BLAIR)


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