Tuesday, June 05, 2007

.:xian's lovely hols:.


my hols is goin just cool as i always wanted to...
i sleep mor than 10 hrs a day...is'nt dat good, enjoy sleeping...dont ya?
since now i hav da free time to do things i like...i now goin to finish "lost" season2 and season3..dats long...
im kinda addicted to it now..it makes me even more crazee compared with prison break...hehe
i dreamt of it..lol..dont laugh i noe its silly...but it did happen to me...=)

feel lost?

dat lovely couple =)

my current wallpaper...lool

other than dat,

hols always make "lazee ppl" fat...and of coz im one of them

supper evryday as i always sleep at late-night, it makes me feel hungriee...yea hungriee..

so supper will always in my mind evryday...

i guess so i would be fater after tis lazee hols..=)

it sounds good huh...

erm...not to forget
hey ppl who went for da troop camp...was it great?..shud be fun right..haha
i didnt go..why?
coz...i was thinking
er....spm wo..?
er...actually i was not in da mood coz not many of my batch ppl goin..so i din register..
but i did at first then i decided not to go...so i missed da fun>.<

hav u guys heard of "smart tunnel"
it is da first tunnel which function as a drainage and road for cars in world..and it located at K.L...feel proud..hehe
dad brought me to take a look with it...its quite intresting..hehe
da structure and it's function are briliiant..^.^
it is about 4km long...consider very long..coz it is a tunnell..hehe

it is time to stop...bro is rushing me to help him out for his game...=.="


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