Sunday, November 22, 2009


I know I'm slow, but i have to admit, i only watched 2012 last night..sob

I'm pretty supportive towards this movie and been waiting for it's premiere..
but then, I didn't have time for it..aiyor..

However, the movie was really long and quite touching, it somehow just touches the bottom of my heart...
some questions might have popped up in my thought during the movie..hehe
started to ask what if this happen and what if that happen...

I was quite impressed of this movie as it mainly focus on the humanity..
and it was not like those doom-day-movie, those were rather boring...

Some questions just popped up like, if u know u're dying, will u act like what Jackson did in the movie?..being so brave to fight for every chance that he may have to survive?
Or just behave like the president? thinking that it's the end and just pray to the god while waiting for it's coming..

The show is able to shows different type of people and the behavior during that very moment..
some are rather selfish, some are ultimately kind to help the others and some are like charlie?.haha
but in that show, no matter how selfish are them, how greedy are them, in the end they still know the meaning of scarifying for their family and their kids..
At this point, really touching lor, even though i didn't sob like how i cried in "the time traveler's wife"but i do get the msg...
the msg of telling us no matter how bad is a person, how irritating is a person and how selfish is a person..there's always a moment for these people to show their kind side.

Like the chinese saying " 人之初,性本善 " - nobody is born to be bad =)
and nobody would want to be worse?...


Anyhow, X'mas is coming in just one month time!!!!
It's time for everybody to go shopping =)

So fsat lar, I don't want the time to fly so fsat lar...
It is very cruel for me to accept that Im actually goin to be 20 VERY VERY SOON..
just in 3 months time...>.<

and my fcking exam is coming so near!!
3 subjects..but it's like alot to study...and for some particular subject, I have no knowledge bout it...I'm so dead =/

Alright lar...i hardly got time to relax n study..hehe
so i gotta back to my study mode and be a nerd for my sunday night...!$@^$#%&^*(
not happie =/

have fun peep =D

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