Tuesday, April 14, 2009

IkanO Power Centre.

Yeah...finally, I can spare some time to do my own stuffs d...
recently I've been quite progressive..hee
Things that's I've done are "uncountable..:P

Firstly, I wanna say thanks god dat Econs exam has just over and it was pretty alrite.=)
then..I've gotten my laptop formatted by MYSELF..!!.. APPLAUSE pls..!!

Now my Laptop is just As Fast As last time..but now i have a problem, coz i've lost the microsoft office setup...ouch!!

nvm...i think i can get from my fren..*wink*

Yea..i've plenty of pictures waiting for me to post on here..ahhhhhhhhh
no time...so now im spending my "lifeless"time to post it up here..ehee

pics from PC fair are yet to come...stay tune!!! xD

So this entry is totally about Ikano!!
Honestly, I've nvr shop in Ikea ever since Ikano has launched..lool
however, i was able to shop there to help my jeh up with her new room..=)

And finally, I tasted MEATBALLS!!!..mmmm
IT was so TASTY..Lool
but not really that fantastic as my classmates had mentioned...=/
Diff Taste Bud we have..*wink*

There are thoudsand of furnitures and tonnes of lights and bla bla la...i was so impressed!!
so i took out my camera and snap snap AND SNAPPPPPPP!!!

lool..I behaved so MANGKUK there..

let's see..

Before everyone started to eat!!..
Camera girl wants a pic!

Estee's salad..
look at the shrimp..so cute

When were about to order, we heard a kid saying
"mummy, i want the cake with FLAG


Then..it was the last few bites..
Casey and Estee were fighting for it!!
so they played.

Lol..Estee won of coz..=P

Bueatiful Things!

Seeing these beautiful stuffs make me have the urge to
Decorate my room..

This one looks quite classic.


its pink =)

Simply Love This mirror!!..haha

White WHIE white!

Cutie Fluffy Chair.

welcome to Estee''s Wonderland.

Saw Ian Working there..
we chatted for while..he's leaving to Aussie d..=/

Leafy Bed.

colourful bed sheets and PINK!

The pink one is not so nice..

Black one is Cute.

White one is so PRETTY!


Time to SEARCH for the Stocks!!

Estee snap and post at da same time..xD

Fun lar..MAde casey my driver..hahaa

Got back to jeh's room..
and helped her to set up some furnitures with Estee..lool
there were So much Laughters.!!



Decorating a room is so fun..and u will feel as if u've achieved sth for urself..ehehe


time to watch lost..ciao!

who are we to be questioning, wondering what is what,
Don't wanna let your mind keep playing you.
-Just stand up.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hey my frens..

I will be temporarily not active at here..due to Work and Exams..=D

tought month it is..aahaha

coz i gotta study..!! alrite, i think i would probably blog after my Econs paper= )

see ya...hugs~

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