Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day at Pyramid.

Went to pyramid buy Khy's present, but something happened. Don't feel like mentioning either.

So, all started at the Paramount Garden..I ter-pulled my cousin sis zan to follow me to Sunway Pryamid..We took the RapidKL bus from the Kelana Jaya station..Bloody Hell...waited freaking long..Anyway, Zan told me that was the most worth of all times she paid on RapidKL. Altogether 4 times on 1 ringgit bus fare. Hee!

Reached SP around 3 something...went to Xian's place. Didn't take a picture of her..forgotten.. plus the place is kinda strict..and so many eyes are is not nice to take picture during that hour.

After that, went to Kah Hoo's place.. I think he's too skinny to be spotted..I walked around few times can't spot him until I saw the sign board "BABY MILK POWDER"..And he's THEREEE>>>>>>I did passed by there a few times, yet can't see him...HMMMM... and I found out that he's a real certified "seh chong"(lazy fellow). He didn't stay at the booth where he supposed too and walked around with me.. damn seh....Look at him...still can post..

"the MAMIL GOLD boy!"..My brother said you're tall...whatever..

After visiting KahHoo, went to the couz la..keep bugging me to get her donuts...arghh.. the queue was I bought 1/2 there goes another red colour paper fly away from my wallet...

LaME >.>


Tuesday, January 15, 2008


guess wat im doin now??
texting kitt, the dc queen. she hardly get on9 due to her connection problem..
so, i gotta waste my money to chat with her..lool

after i start to work, i realize that study is much relaxing and cool compare to work.
i started to miss school, how now??
i miss those days when i used to be silly with my childish classmates..=P
i think u know who u are..lool

time in taman sea was pretty cool and delightful, so im sort of reminiscing those days in sch..ngek..
being nostalgic at tis moment, its quite fun recalling those stupid moments in sch..haha

primary sch .

form 2.

my form3. i look good in tis pic lar..ahaha

form4-moral project.
most gay ever.

the delightful night.

my last camp.

yeah i love u all..=)

its me,

hui xian.

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