Wednesday, March 05, 2008

HuiXian's B'day Steamboat Dinner

Sorry for the bad quality pictures.
Anyway, last Saturday went for HuiXian's Birthday steamboat dinner. At Restoran Talipon, Taman Megah. And the attendees were.......

Thye Didi. The so called "chef" of the night.
Lap XingXing the Beng Siu..Just so happen his troupe (lion dance) was there to perform on that night too. For the Barisan Nasional. =.="
Soh Shang Quin. From what I've noticed that night, this guy here had spent all his time Steamboat-ing by himself. LoL xb
The Wong Wei Jung. Erm...He's way too quiet on that day? But anyway, thanks for the drinks =)

Ah Cee. The boxer! LoL

I missed out Justin's face. He left too early for CC. = = Whatever...

Last but not least, of course me and the Birthday Girl. Look at the necklace...Nice nice? I bought for her..Hee!Steamboat-ing.. Overall, the food was quite we've got entertainment too..=.=" with people singing karaoke..which is mostly khy's favourites. At the meantime, there's BN representitive who gave a speech.

Went to OU to watch playboy cops. Is a nice movie compared to the movie that me, xian and hoo watched on the day before and that movie was Before the Devil knows you're dead. That movie is a waste of money and it cost us RM11 each. Wth.

The gays. xD

That's it for this post. Hee!


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