Saturday, November 15, 2008


I didn't know i can be so hardworking to work in so many
company as a part
I was trying zombiefy myself but now
i don't have to make it
and i'm alrdy one of them="/

sleeping at 2:30 last nite after a call =P
then woke up at 6 30 to get ready
and headed to office around 740
when my colleague came and picked me up...

it was a awful day...
even so..
i gotta serve a very cute customer which
others salesgirls can't have the chance to ..hahaha!!
syok sendirinnya!!
he came to me and suddenly he is so called my fren now..
ahha...he didn't buy but he introduced his frens whom bought
quite a number of corsets from me=)
ngek ngek ngek...

but I'm pretty sure my boss isn't satisfied
with the performance..
I'm gonna get my tough day tml..=/
Kinda stress..
i don't know how to describe it..
if u come along with me..
the aura..ahha
100% sure u will feel so STRESS and SCARED.

but nvm...
its okay though..i learned something
but i cant continue staying there to take the stress..>.<

so after the thingy ended...
the driver(kent) drove about 40 mins from putrajaya PICC
back to ass almost got square...=.=
that Honda is freaking small!
will gonna post up pictures here..coz the freelance photographer
keep talking to me and take pictures..hahaha
he is a nice guy though...=)

after reached back to ss2...
Caroline fetched me home
and guess waT?
no food at home...
bro purposely drove back from where they went to eat
and picked me up for dinner..=.="

after that...headed to NZX for the disney thingy
coz sisda insisted to..=/
it was so fcking we parked the car at the housing area
and walked to legs were so freaking pain coz of whole day of wearing heels!
i walked bout 2 km to NZX lar...JAM like shit..
then..we didn't buy ticket for the disney fair ...
coz ticket is so freaking exp...10 per person=.=
and the fair thingy is so small...the most ridiculous was
first time seeing NZX crowded with orang!!

orang di sana
queue up for the blardy stupid tickets..
more crowded than pasar mlm..
my Big apple also damn alot ppl..ish!!
queue up for donuts=)

then got home and shower..
so i'm basically half-dead liao!!
tml need to wake up at the same hr and
have to reach office at 730..
damn liao lor...sure got sth to talk wan the boss..

but working is somehow very fun lar..
definitely learning alot =)
i'm coughing like dont know what now..

okay end of the story of todae..
waiting for my hair to dry
then gonna sleep liao =)

Life's short...Sleep more =]


Thursday, November 13, 2008

I luve it so much!!

taken before goin out with jet.
hee..i like the tube =)

It was a day that I woke up kinda early
like back to college time =)
I went to my office to go for my job training..
No doubt, i did learn quite a lot, meet different faces and successful people =)
not a bad experience though,
hopefully i can do my job well on the day itself >.<
So after my training with my seniors or my kor kor and jeh jeh=D
i requested Gary to send me to Mcd and
meet up with this kesian fren, win han..
even though there is a word "win" in his name, but he doesn't seem to win in certain thing!! fren a fren, wake up lar!!!
BITCH SLAP!! *Pit Piak*
hehe just joking >.<

went to chui chui sui with him
and talked bout his stories and also mine of coz..
well..i listened to his kesian story most of the time:P
oh yah, before meeting up with win han..
i met Joe outside Mcd, he was about to go home and then bang into me??
hehe...that fellar, saw me like kena haunted like that
too much lar u...must spam ur blog!!
and there was this Fitness First ppl..
they were looking for members or wtv..
so they asked us

F.first: hey are u
Joe: we are not obviously...
F.first: old are u ?
Joe : mm..18 this yr.
F.first: aiks..we are looking for age 19 students.
F.first: so..girl, how bout u? old are u?
Me : er...28 (speak sarcasticly)
F.first: Owh..come one, answer it pls!
Me :..loool( i tot they were some sales ppl who trying to talk shit)
F.first: Mmm...u 19 or 20 ?
Me : owh...hehe
Joe : Laugh out really loud!!!
Me : mm..same age as him....

Win han called.... then..
win han was appeared but that stupid Joe, ran away?..
damn lar u nvr say bye=.=

F.first: old are u? (he was talking to win.h)
Me : He is 30 this yr.
W.h : er...what?im true fitness..=.=
Lool...i laughed the man walked away and his approach failed miserably..
poor mr botak >.<

oh yah..back to chui chui sui with win han..
well...i will say the same thing to u lar win...
no use wan u keep behaving like this..
the game isn't under ur control at all.. shu liao la>.<
but nvm least u are okay =)
so after chui chui sui at island cafe..
haha... gotta test win's driving..
we went places that we don't know and simply make turns..
we ended up enter a ulu place and could see cow eating grass bsides the road..
gotta play with the slope..
supper slopy its more like 70 degree!! damn fun wei.. like goin to genting...=X

a mansion we found.
the gate is like 9m high..
and this is da front gate of the mansion!!

mm..beside this mansion..
here is the slope we wanted to play

damn fun if i have a mountain bike=)

thanks god
weren't driving fast on the way to it
coz the
road is actually disconnected due to

the whole damansara can be captured
at this position/height.

nice ler?

so nice right the view
but my camera makes look haunted!!
and we didn't really know where we

IT was definitely a day that
is very different!!
the feelings of goin camping is

i wanna go somwhere and explore some other time..=)
whoever feels free?..
could u bring me?..heee~

ish..after a week of being quite bz.
i need to work till 12 todae and i gotta wake up
so fcking early tml!!
which is around 6a.m
im gonna become an ugly-zombie!!!
The coming roadshow that im goin to work at,
is definitely damn not relaxing and gonna work hard!!
mummy *.*


Sunday, November 09, 2008


listening to
Another way to die-alicia keys ft jack white

He is 33
He is super amazing
He is so talented
Girls will fall for his charm
Guys are criticizing about his GAY character.

It doesn't matter..
I admire his everything, yeah baby!!

Just So Random that...
My mind is full of lee hom now..hehe
His new Album " music man" is gonna
release on 5th of Dec...=]
can't wait to listen to his newest products!!

cute dou sei!!!

Besides that,
i wanna talk bout James Bond.
I told myself not to watch it b4 it came out,
due to the YongSuiNess of Daniel Craig.
Can't deny that he has a freaking Sexy and Hot Body..
but he just look too @#^%$&*
i don't know how to describe...=P

well..i watched it.. was rather sweat lar..i don't know what to comment,
he is more like a cold-blooded and the girl is really HOT..
she also acted in MaxPayne and Hitman...*wink wink*

And i like the song
" another way to die"- Alicia keys ft Jack white

Simply love the car


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