Thursday, March 26, 2009

An Hour For Our Planet

Hour Alert!!!

Yeah...No Doubt!!!

It an Hour For our Beloved EArth!!!

We have dinner hour, we have tea time, we have lunch hour, we have tutorial hour, we have yum cha hour, we have tv hour and bla bla-hours =D

So, It is time to 

The earth hour!!

What Can You Do For This Campaign???

Just Freaking Off Your Light!!..Only Light..u get it??

on Saturday..this coming saturday- which is 28/03/09  from 8:30 pm- 9:30pm..

it's an hour belongs to the earth and the reflected sunlight from the moon...

u can experience the fun of having no power supply at home...=)

Isn't it cool??..seeing the town being light out..hee

if everyone do so, then it's gonna be so Cool and we will be seeing the whole town being light out

From Mr wikipedia~

Energy saved
Colosseum darkened for Earth Hour 2008

According to WWF Thailand, Bangkok decreased electricity usage by 73.34 megawatts, which, over one hour, is equivalent to 41.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide.[14] The Bangkok Post gave different figures of 165 megawatt-hours and 102 tonnes of carbon dioxide. This was noted to be significantly less than a similar campaign initiated by Bangkok's City Hall the previous year in May where 530 megawatt-hours were saved and 143 tonnes of carbon dioxide emission was cut.[15] Toronto saved 900 megawatt-hours of electricity. 8.7% was saved if measured against a typical March Saturday night.[16] Ireland, as a whole, had a reduction in electricity use of about 1.5% for the evening.[17] In the three-hour period between 18:30 and 21:30, there was a reduction of 50 megawatts, saving 150 megawatt-hours, or approximately 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide.[18]

From the infos above, it show how it works to do this earth hour.

Only an hour time, If everyone is cooperative and do this together, the effect is gonna be "wahliaw"-SuperB!!!

I know..Some people would say " Don't waste my time" i wanna watch my tv..alot is goin on..

I wanna face my finish my work...bla bla bla~

on ther other hand, if we take this hour to stop doing what we usually do we can actually see the different, we can actually use that hour to do some other things, mayb like rest after dinner at that hour, or go for a walk around the park for that hour while the light is out..

and also we can play with candles and all=)

doesn't that sound fun???...Well, i don't think everyone would agree with my silly ideas but i myself do like when there's no light around when i'm at home doing nothng...

As if i'm spending my night in the jungle or a place with  no power supply..xD

We can still on our fan, so there's no worries for the temperature=P

but it's best to off everything lar, to make it more effective xD

First...Google shows it's support =D


So..are u joining the revolution???

Don't think anymore, Do what you should do for the earth

It may sound stupid, but it does save the earth !!

Lalalaa....OFf the light ppl!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A long wan=)

Waiting for LOST to be loaded =D

Mmm...always come here when I'm waiting for something to be done.

Just finished a pile of works from Wei ee jeh jeh, now I wanna rest a bit...


Recently, i tend to sigh and show "emo" emo icons alot in my sms, msn...It is like becoming a habit for me to show those ugly emotions.

Went to coll todae and freking piss of after class..

Supposingly, My presentation group has made a meeting at 1 olock, of coz, we expect everyone to be punctual right?...but wth is that, Tiff and I waited in coll for 2 hours for them to come back to coll frm OU!!!...STupid RIGHT????

they hell know that there is a meeting and they went to fcking far place for lunch and freaking waste our time...

We were so pissed telling them that we would leave around tea time and ask them to come back earlier for practice...but they fcking replied us " Drama PRactice cancceled"

Wahliaw!!...Cannot take it lor, why are ppl so irresponsible???

always do things that they like and never think of how others feel!!


BEsides that, while i was on the way home with metro bus...

this fcking bus driver dint stop by the bus stop i wanted to stop at!!

he tot so nobody is goin to that area then he straight goes to K.L-the main station!!

wahliaw...i was so like freaking blur!!!

stupid metro ppl!!

i had to walk thru the "petaling street"..u know those powerful salesman!!

seriously, i had to really walk damn fast so tat i can totally ignore themm...hehee

* angry dat, my dad doesn't even care i was sent to that stupid place for nuts, he hung up my call summor..!#$^%&*&*

Well..i had no choice lor, took LRT back and thanks god tat i bumped into my old fren!!! a ride home from station xD


stupid things love company huh!


Alrite..time to talk bout last weekend=)

Went to join Ching's bday lunch, gosh...went there and waited for AMANDA, KIAN MIN AND CAELY for 1 and the half hr. SEcret Recipe it was.!!

we were gonna be WANTED due to these unpunctual pple *hmmph*

Let's take a look with the pictures =D



We were so Bored till we did somthing so noob!!'


Even the tiramisu was finished!

And playing with the lighter!

hee..more like camwhoring=P

Then..We really camwhored!!

Here's the new york cheesae for ching=)

Felt like singing " finally~~"

they came!

Amanda planned everything..

look at her cheeky smile ;)

OoPpsssss...sry for the short candle..=P

our Mouth is so useful!..ehehhe

We had fun..!!


Caely wanted to have a hair they came to my area for hair cut=.=



We can even camwhore in saloon!!!xD

After that, We went around ss14 to search for the event company

I went for the interview with caely!!

yeah she got the job!!!greaT!! 3k nia~

After that, we walked and walked till sea park n makan at caely's kakak stall!

then went n meet up with Hoo & Justin!!

Teman them for dinner then went for BAdminton!!


IT was fun...Kitt came by and we talked!!

Went yum cha after Badminton, wow

that ming tien's boss damn dumb...change the sport channel of " liverpool-Man u Match"

to TV3-"the mask"


i cant even catch da replay=/

After that..pergi snooker dengan Hoo, Caely n JAsper xD

AHAHA...Kena marah kao kao after home!! =/

the effect last very long..lool

Till the nex day~~~

We promised justin to go for his Bday party =D

i WAste so much saliva to convince my mum!!


hehe...then then piccies!!

Skill of stealing from Justin's blog=P

Hoo, Jasper, JUSTINNN, Caely and Saya!! 

LOL..Do not order any BBQ food from Justin..

It is probably not edible..!! LOOK~~

Black Sausages!

Jasper wasn't smart enough to hide it

in a brilliant place like mine!!




Mine was almost perfect kay!!

Justin was too smart to realise it xD

Once again,

Sorry ya Justin, was really bz n geram on thursday and it makes me forget bout things=/

But..i really wanna wish u sincerely !!

" happie Belated B'day Justin" 

19th years old is abit too old for u =P

Exam la tml morning!!

but im not even studying abit of it=/

Gosh...pray hard!!..lool

Things go opposite most of the time,

just like the bus,

how am i supposed to get it right?

It's somehow unreturnable.

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