Saturday, August 30, 2008

I miss them!!

I'm listening to Guan Ying song...

Simply Love This Picture!!

After so many yrs of being away from my primary sch pals, i do miss them!!
last saturday, it was the day for reunion, it was more or less of 15 ppl there for this gathering...

We had BBQ at Yet han's hse (yet han was one of the shy guy who i used to bully =P)
hee..i think we did meet when we were having tuition in Kasturi , but both of us could barely recognised each other , so we didn't really say hi..hehe
untill, that day, we blurted it out...=P

It was an awesome nite that we all did have fun, lotsa funny stuffs...
and we found out dat, theres a couple among us...lool
from primary sch to high sch, they had no chemistry..but after high sch
chemistry just suddenly appear btw them...haha thats call fate i guess...

and of cause, i can't describe how fun was that by toking shite here..=D
take a look of these pictures..=D

lamb chop.sausages and chicken wings

Yet han

They seem to have fun "burning" their wings


I think she is da best gossiper ever =), love ya shiang..

wonder what were in their mind.

wooi joe and I =D

michelle, kinda blur

boys in green

Photographer of the nite-kian yip


Basically, gossip really make da world goes round...
That's what we did thruout da night..XD

Feeling full coz of my big apple dougnut...
i love it!! but can't eat too much, I'm getting FATTER!!!

The Fatter Me,

Thursday, August 28, 2008

one of those days

Listening to Leona Lewis's bleeding love.

i've finally done my eng coursework, it was kinda emo to write those essays..=(
since 8tv has finally uploaded the ultimate prom nite pictures, i shall blog something here..hee
visit this website - ultimate promnite if u would like to see yong sui ppl
try search me thru SEGi college's Album...=P

it was like 1 month plus since Esha and i took the pics in college, it was our very free day after LAN study...

picturesss...lets c

us- after makeover

she did lot of funny poses..hehe

checking the taken pictures with photographer.

heee...ACT CUTE!!!


it's a short post lar, since it was quite some time ago...


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

awful morning.

while waiting for my german movie to be fully loaded, I'm here to write something first..hee
glad that the mysterious kitt has finally got her ass sticked with her chair and face the blog...even though it wasn't a long and detail one but it was good enough..lool

i think i had a worst morning throughout my august.
it was like M.F.B to me..omg

As usual, i woke up at 7 plus to dress up for college, then i went to my dad room to wake him up but sadly he said he was having a headache, couldn't get up at dat i was so swt about that coz no one else would want to fetch me to right i went to wake my 2nd bro up and wished badly that he would bring me to college, but hell yeah, he did wake up by saying " i slept at 6am, i can't drive now" WTH??....
i was like...nvm, it sucks!!!

then right, i forced to take bus there...
took a bus to a bus stop nearest to my nex bus stop, and i walked about like 500m to reach dat fckg bus stop, i waited about 5 mins and i got into U88 bus.
it was my first time taking bus to K.D, i wasn't sure bout the i pressed the bell to get down to the bus stop right before the one i supposed to stop at, i was like?...its a wrong bus stop man, but i didn't want to be embarassed...i went down to the bus stop and walked all the way to my coll...guess whats da distance to there? was blardy like 2 km..
i've walked 2km in the morning just to go college...IT WAS SO SO SO SO FREAKING EMBARASSED!!!!
lol...i reached there like an hr later, it was hilarious!!
kena questioned by my lecturer summor...issh~~~

p/s: do not think that I'm a princess shit or wtv, coz I'm not, i was just being lazeee....Ahhh..SHUDDAPP if u really think that I'm whining like a princess..hmmph..

don't wanna think about it d, it was kinda sux and i gotta think about my exam fee...>.<
somehow, life isn't dat enjoyable though..=(

hee..i have pictures~~~

shes my babe, cool to hang around with her..lool

cafeteria as the background, no handsome to be spotted!

the only thing we can do in hostel.

lobby as the background~

Retarted faces~

Thats all people~~

currently listening to Roxette's listen to ur heart
still the funny me
with lots of love,

Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm back...KEKEKE

hey's life?
anyway, sorry for not updating for like 109173907498257948 days.. LoL.. I'm back today!
Thanks to awesome HuiXian for updating..if not u'll be feast with all the outdated post and pics!

The reasons that brought me here to blog today:
i) NO MORE ASSIGNMENT for this semester!
ii) NO MORE PRESENTATION for this semester!
iii) Nothing to do? or maybe lazy to find something better to do..=)
iv) A post before my next post? (xian gonna screw me for this =P)
v) Don't feel like studying for exam..(next month T.T)
vi) very obvious that I'm procrastinating here.

Okay...So basically from the above reason is pretty clear that I've nothing better to do more yeah..I'm here to update just to make sure I'm still alive and not MIA..

Just wondering it has been quite some time since my last post huh..and did u folks noticed that this blog there's only HuiXian's post? haha..Cool leh..that's my fault for not updating..

Indeed, my life has been really great like how Xian described, "her friends' life has been great.." LoL..I believed her's wouldn't be bad either right.. like how you get to know this and know what I mean....jeejee

So what's next? I don't know...hehe..wait for the next post lar..

And below is one of my recent picture..just to show you guys I'M STILL ALIVE! LOL. sorry if it scares you off due to its awesome-ness..MUAHAHAHAHHA!


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