Friday, November 26, 2010

It's about 2 persons.

Currently listening to Breakup hug-anthony neely.

Hmm...sounds emo for that song but I suka max!

Btw, just wanna drop by and post sth regarding of how i feel towards emotional control.

Have you ever ask yourself why would you be sad and tears over small lil matter? 

Lets say,

When your fren is commenting about your work is not nice and gave all the negative comments, thus the feelings of anger instantly boast up to ur heart and you started to feeel as if u just got insulted? 

the ego part of you is kinda cursing ur fren for commenting so much...but you have to bear with it and smile  to act as if you're fine with their bad comments and go home become EMO?

when you're home, all the emo faces just appear and the one who really care for you can actually realize it, which is ur mum?

but you won't care you just throw ur temper to the ppl who care for u...and keep thinking wat's wrong with my work? and why must they condemn till such level?...did i do somthng to offence them?

This is what we call " thinking too much "

when you think beyond the level of what normal ppl should, you would become more emo

and refuse to tok to anybody or u would find sth to release it. End up, the feeling of " tak puas"

keep remaining until you keep that in ur heart. You might seem to be nothng in front of ur fren

cause you dun want them to know that you're feeling bothered by the way they commented.

therefore, your fren jus tot that telling you the truth by the very straight forward way doesn't

affect you and they would continue doing so when they have some disagreement with you.

Accumulatively, it becomes a sickness in heart..cause u actually damn mind about what they say

and you gotta act ntg when they comment about you...eventually your emotional control infront

of them would bcome worse and less patient..

and finally one day,

you burst, burst everythng out...

these everythng might include personal attck towards that particular fren, past incident that you don't feel happy, the way of that person present her/himself and all the bad stuffs would be presented in such arguments.

Therefore, people have such saying of when 2 persons are getting closer, arguments would be increased's a way to understand each other better too...

If all don't go well and the mindset of judging each other doesn't change, such friendship is equivalent to a waste.

Same goes to couple,

fight every week and argue over small matter...those are the way to improve the relationship and to know each other better.

if after the arguments and all, the torn is still inside the heart, such relationship is not improving or going to any positive's just spending time together and hurt each other till the extend of " betahan-ness " 

break up would happen during the "betahan + tired " status...

it's quite common btw 2 persons when they are close and always spend time together..

taking each other for granted and started to feel frustrated easily when small thng happens..

the level of toleration n patient is decreasing as both of them expect each other will give way and all..but it doesn't go that way anymore as time goes by...

This is why couple are usually sweet for the first 3-6 months and they would start to experience the sourness and bitterness of a relationship after 6 mths...

it's the nature of man's behavior and if you can accept and stop judging one another, such challenge will be as simple as a piece of cake (:

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