Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm eighteen =]

Currently listening to Sempurna by Andra & The BackBone.

Yesterday I turned 18 and everything was so great.
I just can't explain how awesome it was!
Everything seems like a surprise to me and all in was total unexpected.

Oh yah..Happy Birthday to my classmate(ChunHooi) too..who's birthday falls on the same date as me. Just that he's older than me by 2 years.. =]

I'd like to thank to those that wished me and planned those things for me. It has been a great day as I did not expect all these. And the present as well. =]

Now I can't wait for Monday....S. Margaret knows why..Hee!

KittLei =]

Sunday, July 06, 2008

We Love Ou.

currently listening to-Can You Hear Me by Enrique Iglesias

It was a day that people willingly pushing around in a mall, it was a day that we met lotsa seaparkians and it was Double J's Bday.

Early in the morning, i was awaken by my phone alarm telling me time to get up so dat i could catch a transport to OU.
Kitt came to my hse and pick me to her house after i have done dressing myself up...><
i was so sleepy lar, didnt get enuff sleep and i looked like a zombie.
Didn't step into Ou for almost 5 months coz of my work at sp....and i really miss GSC.

And yeah..kitt drove there...her driving skill is pretty ok...=)
do feel safe to get a lift from her=P

Owh well, the queue in GSC was super long and we waited half an hr in the queue juz to get 3 tickets....Alwin were there in a very very right time..ahaha
we bought tickets for "wanted"...Hancock was selling fast so we didn't have a choice though...

Luckily, Wanted was quite ok but it potong us for some
i think so she is on the poster due to her fame...hehe

After the ticket, we walked around to grab our food and lastly we stopped by "jack's place" for our heavy lunch...and thanks to Alwin for the treat =)...u are so kind..ahha

And i'm goin to make a list of who we met..=.=

1)Weng's gang i shall name it- elvin, wengt&siew yan, Git ying&the bf(Ben i guess) and chee yeong(if im not wrong)..hee

2)Wee kiat's gang- Double J (bday boys), kah hoo, chun tatt, yew jin, mingken...

3)Amelia and Foo haw..

4) Yee jin and Sherrie...

And yea..ppl love OU coz of their super nice GSC..=)

Here come some pictures...=)


with love,

Out of No where.

Listening-innocence by Avril

Thou shall ignore this blardy post, I'm doing this post all for the reason of being Bored.
in the mid of the night, i just feel so lazee to go to bed eventhoe i have nothing to do now..
sigh...thinking alot of rubbish and my mind is gonna overwhelm by ugly news with ugly people.
The world seems so freaking ugly and it seems to be the hardest thing for human to change it back to it's right path...
alright...all i nid is peace...and damn it...

have to sleep no matter wat....lalalalla

Nite....i sound so


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