Thursday, October 30, 2008

Addicted to Pink!

i know a lot of people don't really like pink as it
is SO DAMN girlish...but
I just can't help myself from being ADDICTED to it..=)

Lurve pink lar...
hot pink can kill!!!
tend to fall for everything thats in pink.!!!
Italic so girlish now..>.< BEH JIAPX XIU!!!
thanks khy for teaching me this "term"


okay I'm back..
spend my night chatting with my buddies..
so many stories to tell lar them..ehehe

started to realize how lucky i am
to have bunch of good buddies =)
and guess waT?
i got 2 part time jobs ..=)

must pray more to 4 face buddha..
I'm a sincere prayer !!!

i just got the sudden urge to
talk bout how Pinkish IM now..
start working tml!!
not so lifeless liao =)

Well...something in pink...=]

my background..hehe
i know my phone is darn cacat!!
don't laugh!!! bro can't stand that his
cannon shirt is actually in PINK!!
haha...but i like it..
i wish there is a S size =S

Cannon Goes Pink!!!
Once again....
help me!!
i know lar..I'm pretty ma fan
but wat to do..look at pics below= )

No FrinGe



LOL..macam hantu!!

MM...if u have no comment, don't msg on cbox ar.. hehe!!

its actually a short post babe...
went for interview this afternoon, thanks to Caroline..
u are so nice!!
after that went k.j giant to buy somthing and meet up with
Edwin and Yim at BROTHERS..=)
Old town Kopitiam was our nex station..ehehe

And yeah..Mr yim.. don't be so upset, things come and go =]
just accept it....hehe like what we always say...jiap xiu~
p/s: khy, i really like this word lar....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It was the day after my 2 days of boredom at home..
went lunch with nick, sheng yang, wee liam and ian...
u guys are so so so funny lar..
make my day!!..=)

after erm....3 hrs of sitting at piccadily chui sui~
we headed to Amcorp for pool..hehe
the tables there are much better than SP's..

since one of us was bored there:P
we started this photographing session...=)

Poser of the day- sheng yang
well..he is only 16
but he looks si beh MATURE!!!

My partner of the day...
hehe...hes good at pool
my tutor !!!

The Photographer- Ian
his DI*K style does work!!!

Of coz..the photographer must
be Good In
camwhoring as well =)

haha..can c anot?
his FINGER and the STIItalicCK!!!
p/s:don't huh if u dont get it...spoil my image only for telling u!! =P

The quiet/emo person of the day..
Wee Liam..
he was so quiet there, but
the skills are fuiyoh!!

sifu nick and wee liam..
look at wee liam's lanc FACE!!

haha..he is da-guy-nex-table
Adlan...super yeng his style..lool

As i was playing half way..
i realised, i was the only girl
doesn't sound

and yeah...still got me myself!!

LOL...what a POSe man!!
i newbie la...dont bully come
some poser PICS!!

super poser!

hahaha!!!...i like the pink ball only in this pic
THATS all!!

sheng yang: mm....mayb i can be the model!!
I'm cool!!!

The day was awesome..
and went for movie with them again today!!!
i find no surprise there la..
7 stars la i rate..hahaha


Monday, October 27, 2008

YAWN!! la..

I'm super Sleepy, slept for 6 hrs..
.Not enough wei!!!

hahha...Soon will update bout my POOL day =D

Stay Tune!!!!

its in pink and purple now...wahhahaa.
Must paint the white Cover to Pink???

i will think bout it..ehehe

Mwahh mwahh!!...

=) my MSN!!

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