Friday, December 17, 2010


Finally all assignment is clear and I now have time for year end activities but somehow work
is just stopping me to have fun!!

Talking about Maxis, it's just damn pissifying!!
My bill gone up to 50 bucks in just 3 days and a month I usually use around 100++ has now
become 200!!

I sms as usual, use call as usual, use internet as usual and they dare to charge me so muchh..
I have packages to control and now Stupid Maxis is just being greedy!

I witness victim everyday when I sit @ da payment counter helping customers to clear their bill
4 out of 10 of them would come and ask why is their bill being over charged...I can't give them a real
answer but to ask them to check with maxis helpline...
Some of them are really innocent, customer came and telling me that they nvr even use to online
nor calling of them even got barred after din clear the bill but the bill still
increasing after barred...Damn effking ridiculous

I work for maxis but i really know how ugly is their management...can really spit on them
* oooppsss *
Grr...really betahan, kinda sick of working for them telling customers wat's unclear and
sometimes i see those innocent customers paying for dunno what, i also pity them..

Really! if it was not bcoz of most of my frens are using maxis, i would've gone to other operator that
doesn't behave in such a greedy manner! * This is abit vague, i also dunno which operator isn't like this * I dislike monopoly!!! does help me to save in a way but i really not happy that they just like to simply charge
people on their data service, especially those Iphone user..everytime come to pay $200 and it's twice in a month..i can see those familiar bill payment customers...
I somehow ask them why come pay again, not even a month..
they sadly tell barred again..sigghhh, gonna pk for it...
All i can do to response is giving them a frenly smile and ask them to complain to the main hq!!

Indeed, there's a reason why people hates maxis and really anti it..just like some people
would love maxis and anti digi =.=

This is quite funny but i think customers made their choices for reasons...

however, the number of people hating maxis is increasing and i have to layan those frustrated customers is quite disappointing and working @ maxis for so long makes me realize
how to give customers honest feedback which is asking them to COMPLAIN!
one of the VIP customers even tell me that they did try complaining for several times but
it din work at all....

that time, i can really see how maxis is losing their long term customers.

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