Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fcking illl!!!

Currently listening to Taylor swift's Forever + always

I didn't know how it happen, i just feel so so so suffering after coll!!
damn it bastard..

As usual, went coll early in the morning,
then went to cafeteria to grab my lunch..
i wanted mihum soup, so this stupid woman said
" if u want mihun soup, say mihun soup, don't order it as Mee soup.."
I was like..WTF?...wat kinda of service..
she haven't even put the mee into the boiled water..=.="
then i said.." nvm lar...mee mee la" tasted so sucky!!

Taken at A&W near coll..
super stupid!!
look like ma chan right??..haha

Went for Econs class after that sucky lunch..eww~
at first, i was still alright, can joke can do wtv stupid in class..
but after i had a bite of chocolate, my throat was rather dry!!
stayed back at library for presentation discussion...
i felt so so so tired and started to lose my patience..>.<
Tumpang Tiff's ride to K.J station and went Melia's hse for yum cha..
i was like.." DYING" feel heavy and my body was terribly ache...>.<
that's why, we didn't go out yum cha..

Reached home around 8, then felt so so so tired d..
taken shower and dinner...
slept uber-early that
my dad even called me when he couldn't see me at home around 12pm..
he tot i was still outside..hee

The nex day, woah..lagi worse, headache plus body aching..
damn terrible till now.. COUGH + FLU...
my flu is getting worse, gonna blow my head off d..!! damn susah..>.<
Stupid FLU.. long since i last get that sick!!>.< @!$#%^&*&%^%*...WTVSHITTYASSISINMYWEAKBODY.!!!
my mummy also get sick d>.<
sob sob...ppl, pls drink more water kay?...the weather is killing weak ppl like me..hee~ come my awful pale face..>.<
damn san fu!! me
i think i addicted to shopping d.. but i can't go out..SOB>.<

Bcoz of the flu,
I'm not giving any contribution on saving the trees...
having flu is totally killing the trees for nothing.

and yah...i've fringe now!!
see see..

this is before-
the ma chan look

hey yeah..
i'm a rockStar!!

stupid pale look..
no longer a ma chan rockStar.
hehe...look pale still>.<

i think i look younger..ahah
yea..pale rockstar!!

P/s: take good care of ur body by drinking more and more water, don't expose to the harmful sunlight..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Watching tv...

Caely see!!
i always got tempted by U..
asked me to go teman u but ended up shopping..ehehe
but it was quite fun, we did buy shoes and cosmetic stuffs =)

Sg wang was crowded by EARth ppl, quite headache to shop there also..
but it was alright, bcoz got cealy there..hehe
she's so familiar with the way there...didn't get lost at least..ehhe
so next time, call caely out if u wanna go Sg Wang..=P

After walking around the mall..
we stopped by " sushi station" for sushi..hehe
the restaurant name is so TYPICAL!!!..haha
but the food was pretty nice and affordable *wink wink*

Prawn mee from sushi restaurant..
It was damn full eating that!!..;)

the track for the sushi train..=D

the sushi was Damn Nice!!

ahh..i really look damn MATURE!!

my wardrobe is in a mess!!
kinda sad that i don't have the time for
actually i was thinking of " it will get messy again even if i tidy it up, so why wasting time tidy it up when it's so messy"
Lool..that's why it's always in a mess!!
clothes are not folded and its like everywhere..>.< style="text-align: right;">
My messy wardrobe..
mayb it's time to get a bigger one!!..*wink*

something that's on it..=)

Before it's 12a.m
i wanna wish Esha happie bday..hehe

happy bday babe!!
19 might sound freaking ugly
it's gonna be a year of us being silly and
do stupid things together!..*wink wink*

P/s: really obsess with GG.


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