Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Early Marriage.

Didn't you realize the age for chinese to get married is getting older and older?
As we could watch from old time movies, chinese usually get married when they're around 17 year old or younger...

For those days, people who were still single when they're around 21 years old, they were consider very very old to be married...

unlike these days, things have changed...

When we plan for things, we tend to set our age to be married to be when we're around 26-30 yrs old..
for guys, it's even older...as they would probably focus on their career and all...
Not like last time, people get married for the sake of early marriage...they don't get married when they're old....people around them would probably gossip bout it.

Well...I tot of this coz I've a new colleague, she told me tat she's gonna engage with her bf nex yr..
and her bf alrdy proposed to her last yr....guess how old is she??
She's just a student who's currently studying in UTAR....21 yrs old, she's!

Isn't it abit too young??

Isn't it abit too mmm...wat do we say... yeah the word-naive??

yeah..most people think tat, including myself..i was shocked when she told me and my another colleague that...it's just abit funny to us...

how could u possibly believe tat nothing is not gonna happen after u're married??...the possibilities for affair to happen at young age is always HIGHER!!
people can change...once changes were made, nothing is gonna be fine and everything will be ruined...

the question is

how long can one commit?

Afterall...trustworthy really has nothing to do with it..

Yah...that's wat i always think about how silly to have a marriage and having kids...
it's just like a biggest investment u could possibly make in ur entire life...
u can either ruin it or get it done perfectly and have a great life!

fortunately, not many people would think it tat way...it's just a way to protect themselve from getting hurt or place the risk of getting a failure in marriage to the minimum.

A marriage always begin with love and commitments,
but it often ends with responsibilities and burdens.

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