Saturday, May 14, 2011

If it's blue, then just paint it pink.

Have you watched a Korean movie called " a story sadder than sadness" ? It's a very touching show, it's about a couple they are always together since young and their relationship is like brother and sister. however, they fell for each other as they grow up but they have never confess each other about their love. As such, they remain as brother and sister...until one day

the guy found out that he has brain tumor and the girl is still naively treating him like a brother without knowing he has such sickness..
one day she ask the guy:' what's ur biggest dream ? then da guy said my biggest dream is to see you marrying a good man and living happily ever after.

that girl was sad as she really in loved with him...

unfortunately, one day she came to realize that he actually suffering from brain tumor and he only left 6 months to go...therefore, she went and approach a real decent doctor and fall in love with the doctor and they get married b4 the guy died.

she did not know his biggest dream is to be together with her till his death.
So, she pretended that she was very happy and thought it's the best that she can do for the guy.

however, that guy was really sad but he has to suck it up and finally he passed away due to the cancer.

after few days of his funeral, the doctor found his wife which is the girl suicides in the bath tub.
she wrote a note there saying, ' i have tried my best to achieve the dream that u wanted and now u're gone and i'm goin to accompany you in the heaven.'

This story sounds quite silly but it's really touching in a way....

it's sad but what if a relationship is meant to be no it even sadder?
you are in love with a guy so much but you just can't have any future plan with that person as
both can't really go far just like people say, tis love is one of the impossible kind?

you are together with a guy u love and both have the mutual understanding this won't go far,
it's like waiting for the time to come just as people are waiting for the coming of 2012.

it's actually quite sad, but all the memories being together are just priceless.

'Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.'
quoted by Sydney smith

for example hiking, u keep hiking and climbing cause you would wanna hike till the end and see what's so nice over the other end. once u start u won't wanna stop as there's somthing waiting for u to explore.

it's somwhr similar ere, you start to fall in love knowing there's an dead end but u still wanna for further as you wanna know what's great along the way..i call it love, loving urself and loving the one u fell for cause you have to be true to urself.

It could be sad at the end but along the way the joy is much more valuable as u work for it ur effort is there with a strong passion.

We only live once, why would wanna lie to urself for this one opportunity?
since you are allow to live once, just be true to urself and be fair to the others doing what your heart is telling you to do not like u're committing a sin..

Life is about falling, putting effort, standing up again, making unbelievable to be believable...
letting people putting a full stop for you is not a way to experience, if everything was planned and you just have to carry it out as follow, it won't be interesting and it won't be real anymore....
its something like the sad story, if he was to be true to his own feeling and tell the girl, the girl wont have to miss the chance of telling him that she loves him.

life is about writing a story book, how would you want urs to be?

Must watch Korean movie!! Pei San recommended and I cried..amazingly!

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