Friday, July 27, 2007


As you can see, huixian started this in our class since yesterday...and i completed it twice..IT'S TWICE..once yesterday and once today..what a waste that i din remember the starting to ending of the line..damn zha dou now....because i got so obssessed with this game and now everytime when i'm about to close my eyes..or sleep..this damn game appeared in my mind..meh lei kia shu..but luckily the stuff that appeared in my mind was this..not those craps that what evil xian said..

anyway, this whole week in school was all about those after spm talk..some is quite interesting..but some is comment is better...the one that impressed me the most is from Sunway..i think she's the most patient among all..not badd..besides that, "potong" word will come to my mind when i stucked with the PMS teacher..haha..xian..ur fav teacher..muahahaha..she's the most pms teacher that i've ever seen..summore claimed herself as PRS teacher..what on earth is this??..i thought PRS teacher supposed to be understanding yet caring..but her..whao..too much to comment..haha..

and tommorrow i'm gonna skip lesson..haha..but still i have to go back to sch later the afternoon..leo installation..*sob*..supposingly wanna go for dj's leo installation..but still my own school comes first...=P..

okay..i think this post is long enough..xian..don't complain that i din updateeee!!!!


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

:::Dinner at PCFH/yum cha at TMR:::

back to blog...
we have been stop blogging for almost a week bcoz of da late pictures...."P
kitt doesnt want to make tis so i got to do tis as instead....

hehe...we went to "pangkor curry fish head" for dinner on last saturday which is 21th of july...
As khy "force" kitt to treat us so..she paid 100 bucks for all da food and we paid for the rest...
erm...Name list:
wan ket lei
wong hoi lap
ah jung
ah thye
ah chung
ah chang
last but not ah hien

We ordered:curry fish head(khy's)
fried sotong(jung ne me)
yao mak(ket lei)
tofu(ket lei)
kam heong lala(khy's)
Overall...nicest wan was jung n my order-fried sotong
2nd wan was khy's order-curry fish head (eventhoe i didnt try)
3rd wan was kitt's order-yao mak/tofu "KAM HEONG LALA" only khy said nice..."P

After dat...
we wen to ming tien to yum cha...
i ordered super spicy sausage...
thye ordered sushi
khy ordered Balitung...
Indeed, balitung was good....others not so...

As we all love cam-whoring....
So....enjoy the following pictures....


bufday girl and me


thye..deee dee

hoi lap



fei yan..



curry fish head

lets yum cha..

sapu semua..

kam heong lala..><



yan and lei

dam gay..


nice shot..




mui mui..


come..i feed u

*hug hug*

nice huh..





final pic..

done...we are full had my 2 and da half hr ...>.<



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