Friday, June 06, 2008


Beautify ur life.

It has been a while since i feel so SHITE, i started to realize theres so many uncertainties in evry single thing that we had been thru or we are going to go through...As wat the elders always say, there is no ABSOLUTE in this world, indeed i agree...

What comes to my mind is
Do we manipulate our own role in lives or we are being manipulated/ brain washed by people like ur parents, ur boss and ur friends ...

i still can't find the answer, things have happened so randomly and i have no clue what is goin to happen, none of them are coming in a proper oder..
First, i was so mad about the raise of petrol, evrything has it's price and consumers are being tortured....i'm so upset with my financial prob, my prob is always there without any solution, i wish i could just igonore them one day or i could be like one of the character in a movie....
at least, i could end the miserable character after the movie is done...sigh..

Kitt and i do feel sux with our lives somehow, we even planned to make a F***ing post here the other night..ahhaa
too bad we ended up sleeping soundly and had a dreamless night...
oops, i think tis entry goes a lil emo now...i gotta stop myself from being annoying..

Gosh...i sounded a lil depress...hee
Still, i'm gonna work somthing out after i burst evrything out here...
The one u love,
xian =)

"Some people wait their whole lives to find their soul mates. But not Holly and Gerry...."

I know it is crazee, i'm so gonna talk about P.S I love U on tis entry...
Well, i know there are plenty of bloggers had made a post about this book/movie and indeed i love the author Cecelia Ahern...
She is just awesome, her story makes me it was close ok, so far the tears are still stored in my tear glands ....but i think the further i read, the more feelings i could feel from it....
The girls in the book are just cool, very cool, i wish i could have frens like them..
the most happening and awesome girl is Ciara, her pink hair makes me like her character=P, i think i'm gonna try it out someday..=]
But, i dont really like Holly's name, i juz find it hard to imagine a girl named Holly...the author did make the name special when Gerry played with the word " Holly day" in Holly's july letter...heee
so far the story is still catching my interest, i wish it won't dissapoint me and i will blog about the ending...=)

Thanks Shiang Leit for lending me her book, it did help me to spend my free working time..hee

He is just too macho to play Gerry's role...
but he is damn yeng...=)
She is pretty..just like how Cecelia described
alright...caught me reading during work
Thanks shiang leit..=]
Eventually, i camwhored with the book..Goshhh
i'm ugly..=)
The ugly one,

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday morning.

Sunday is the day that i dont nid to wake by my fon alarm, a day that i dont have to rush for work and it is a day that i can do my stuffs..=)

This morning, i was out for breakfast with my dad and my sis. We had the best pork mee in P.J which is located opposite taylor's american degree tranfer program campus...
There were damn alot of people went there for pork mee, we waited 40 mins for that....>.<

So, take a look of the mee..=)

*two Thumbs up*


Before i ciao, i would like to post some pics of my pet dog, Bobby..=)

Pose 1.

Pose 2.

Pose 3.

With love,


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