Friday, November 23, 2007


Miss me?..Haha..Im so gonna blog a long one this time!

Lately, I found out most people had been blogging about ending of secondary school life. Yeah, i was wondering whether should I go for the same post too..but..this kind of post usually comes with all sort of emotions like happy, sad, touched, and so on. Just like another day, all the joy and sorrow comes eventually...we wouldn't know. But through photographs, you may get the chance to dig out these memories..or something like this..

the way you are..

how you changed since few years past..

how silly you are..

how fun was it..

and etc.(gosh, i cant even type the ETC properly..i actually typed WTF =P).

so these are the advantages of having a camera snapping picture around?..Hee

Anyway, as for those who doesn't like or either seldom snap photos, I do believe you actually remember what happened since u step in secondary right..For our age, our brain is well enough to remember things like that. =] or maybe I should say special stuff make us remember better..(is like..watching tv make us rmb more instead of reading because it picture in our mind too)

I, myself do remember what happened since form 1 until now..I remember how i used to lie to Pn. Santhi just to get out of the class..and got caught by her just because I didn't bring my yellow card..the card is freaking inconvenient...imagine yourself go to the toilet which is wet and ugly..where u gonna put that is not water-proof..

and I remember how the next door people spreading rumour about me and XXX....whatever.. just forget about Joycelin poured the glue over Alvin's(don't know where he is now..) chair..and how blur he is.. =] dai sei lah..the pants..pathetic.

Recalled how my form1 classmate ChunHoe and me searching for words in dictionary.. LooL..ChunHoe actually finding words like SEX, GAY, PORN, and so on.. yes, I admit I was playing the same thing too..not just me, PhuiYee too. So as the dictionary was passed to him, Pn Joy saw and thought he was so good boy going through dictionary and asked the class to be like him...Me, as the crook, told Pn Joy he's actually searching for not-so-good words. she said.."I take back my words ChunHoe"..too bad

Form 2..If I'm not mistaken, I remember how RachelYau taught me maths, how Pn. Santhi always target on ankle socks , talkative people..and blablabla..In this year, I realised that how people will act just to gain something from you. We were young and naive, and tend to forget how people treat us..but i won't forget how the arguments happened, haha..i actually gained the advantages. How on earth can you gain advantage from kiamsiap ppl like hilarious. whenever I thought of that..I can't stop laughing. That's pretty good and a fun one but i never like it.

Form 3..I found myself too "follow" god's.... and made myself like a dumb. (no to say ppl who follow god's will is a dumb, no offence) This year..i recalled how me and HuiXian boh song each other..we both have own opinion towards each other..of course, is a bad one. All kind of weird things happened in this year till I raised my white flag to god and acted like a zombie. Haha.. besides that, I used to be a ffk queen who often ffk PhuiYee, MX, Leo in their outing..Hee..Can't help it =]

form 4..a great year i guess? seems.. I think is a great starting year for me. Of course, Form 5 is still the best year! anyway, what I did in Form 4 was like everything seems like a cycle..but i enjoyed it though.. best thing is that..I actually started to find myself involve in co-curriculum activities.. it was fun at the initial stage..but sooner or later, you'll find it meaningless for what you're doing. Is like doing it for the sake of the others and not for yourself. Till the event day itself, I feel like a dumb nut working like shit and till the end got scolded for the sake of the little juniors. Fuking shit. But can't blame, i scolded the fellow in return. =]

So form 5, after such long post, this is still the best time of my life. I mean studies la duh.. although we have stucked up our mind to the books and so on..but the process is still the way man. Hee. Still, my hokkien can't work out. But, my vulgar languages is getting better(dotdotdot)...Thx to Khy the culprit aka master of foul languages...the Vincent who always threw the pencils at me and HuiXian..I know you so gonna miss the moment throwing pencils at your classmates!..As for Xian, she made my day for being as my closest friend. Hee!

Till now, end of my secondary school life, I kinda regret of something actually. But still we have to move on =] Besides regret, it brightens my days too. Arghhh...there's still 1 sujbect 2 papers to go.. (kena potong by accounts paper which falls on next Thursday and Friday)..But i felt greatful that i still have some times for that subject..YEAH MANNNN!


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

MAx is barking, listening to kitt's fav song- dragon currently not happie due to the stupid website.It made my plan for tonight gone to the peak of Everest....arggh!!

i have no mood d...planing to sleep juz to get rid of my eyebags...they are huge

spm is ruining my peaceful year...sob..

my pimples...dats too much..=(

i wonder when did i turn into such a lame person...

guess wat i told yueh xuan when we were discussing bout spm stuffs.

things go lik tis...

when kitt and i were walking to lrt station, chaw ping juz walked toward us....

Chaw ping: hey...i wonder ar...if i answered for both Q while they only asked for one, would they mark both and take da Q with da higher mark??

I : lool..why did u do for both...i dont think the examiner would mark for u.

Kitt: yea...i think so..

I: if u were the examiner...think urself...would they be kind??

Kitt: i think chaw ping would do so..=)

I: is it?...*wrong Q* i whispered

Chaw ping: yeah...i think i will do it...

suddenly..ah chuah appeared from nowhere..=D

Chaw ping: hey chuah..."she repeat da Q"

Chuah: yeah..they will do it...

CHaw ping: hee..chuah said they will..."speak happiely"

I : u sure they are dat kind??

Kitt: ...O..

CHuah: yeah they have to do so...except for acc and moral...

I: oo...its lik tis..hee

Kitt: =)...yeah

Chaw ping walk happiely....

I: u noe all these wan...

CHuaH: kasturi teacher told us wan..and they gave us........

KItt n I : wondering..

Finally, its time to stop the marking stuffs...=D
guess how i potong chuah..=)
coincidentally, there was a bus painted with ANGKASAWAN...

I: hey chuah..u noe wat, since the standard lik tis, let's be a part time model..and we might have the chance to be an ANGKASAWAN...

KItt, Chuah and chaw: Hahahahahhahahaha.....xD

Derk hua well-known small head pop out from his car to say bye to us...=D

Chuah: bye...

CHaw: bye...

thats the end of our conversation...and im kinda lame..lool
im glad dat im full of sense of humor..=]

xian's quote-
being lame is juz another way to live life to the full..

rmb it...:)

khy was crying over somthing....

Ah Lip "The TuLIP" says:

im crying...u are not able to dl my ah beng songs...>.<


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