Friday, February 13, 2009

cute lil mug.

It's a pressie of mine from my jeh durin x'mas..

todae, i felt like open it so i did..=D

it's super cute!! and it's a mug!!

a mug with my name on it..=D

love it so muchh..thanks jeh..xD

xian xD

msg from jeh..=)


DON't laugh..i know it's ugly

but my mug is cute xD

alright, i know i know..

camwhore again.!


P/s: detest the weather for giving me pimples!>.<


The dumb weather is killing everyone..>.<

Caely has gone mad, she kept repeating the same sentence" the weather is getting hotter"

i know right..


N yeah...

Happy V'day for whoever celebrates it.

Happy S'day for single earth ppl =)


Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bullshits in da mid of night..xD

just read some articles that my lecturer has given for me to complete my course work..
it sounded stupid bcoz i hate reading those bullshits..
but somehow, I've got wat the article is trying to say..hee
passion it
so i came by here and BLOG la..haha..
damn san fu reading their bullshits n now im gonna blog and write my own bullshits here..
sorry blog..=/
the page is currently pasted with BULLSHITS.=/

And finally, The CNY album with dudees and Chiqz Is finally Uploaded on Fb.
hates FB for being so lousy!! grr~

Rather upload all the pics here instead of doin a backup album at FB..
coz Picassa is taking least time to post the pics up here..=D
sadly, not many ppl would come by this bullshit blog to read..
so, force to upload it on FB and keep it in it's Original size=)

I've got too many of pics to be posted =)
and todae was so tiring during troop meeting..haha
feels like ages i haven't been under the heaty sunlight, i barely could tahan the weather while running the activities..Oops!
Time to admit that I'm not as strong as last time d..
more like a Princess there..LOL

My sudden urge of coming here and blog was quite wtv..
Not gonna blog about my CNY visits with dudes and chiqs..coz it's so boring to even mention it one more time.
haha..u can probably sense the fun just by looking at those silly pictures..*wink*

there's more of the outing with my parents though,
still thinking if i shud share it here coz the place i went with my papa n mama was pretty cool..=D

N finally also..
i've got all the pics from 08 Troop camp at Kerling..!!
yeah yeah..i would post it on FB if i've got the time lar..bcoz it is sucking my time for doin those..=/
not to forget, i did mention about posting it up here..
i think i will worries=)
it was so funny looking at those pictures and think back wat we have done during the camp..LOL
n of coz thanks Tuck Loong for pics=)

Wait for it ya..=)

Sneak Preview of CNY with dudes n chiqs..

It was in WC's hse..=)

wai yew's hse we were..=D

Caely's beautiful hse..;)

Geoffrey wanted to take pic with us so badly..

gotcha Gambling~

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Sleeping time =)
P/s: enjoy ya last day of CNY on Monday =D


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