Thursday, December 30, 2010



Been staying @ home for few days all due to I'm taking a long hols for my coming exam!

Time flies really fast, it's like a blink of eyes! Looking back at the time when I was in high sch,
it's been 2 years since then...I've been spending 2 years time looking for my direction and approaching my life now...

To think of it, I think I was really naive and immature back in high sch and coming out from sch has made me a more mature girl...i guesS?
haha....2 years, i've beeen working n working while studying..such life is really tiring but all i got
is not only money..I guess i've learned a lot during these 2 years of working outside...

Life has just got more interesting with such a working+study lifestyle...
waking up early for classes and rushing for work after class...some friends of mine even ask me
don't you need a break?
I said, I want a break so badly but once I have a break, i would start to feel the boredom and feeling like working again...
Never want to stop working like totally? might kill me as I can't be too freee!!
nothing to do is bored and even more yawns...

* weee~~ cam whoring might be the best solution for boredom :D *

now i understand why the elders always tell me to enjoy my study life first before the working
life haunt me...
yeah..working is never sucks all ur really!

When you're working outside, there's nobody for you to rely on...only those kind colleagues
would offer their hand to help you when you need helps...
majority of the superior would take advantage of the staff, ask you to commit to the company and wanna see the sincere side of you while working...but how to show it?
well, to commit is actually asking you to do whatever they expect you to do...
regardless of whether it's in ur job scope anot...they tend to use you!

Why do they need to be like that?
well..some superior always can't do their job nicely or they're not committed enough for some they tend to make use of their staff to fulfill what they need to do...
some would make the staff to do their job..usually are job that they are not willing to do..

in the world of working, nobody is totally generous nor kind i can say, most of them would try their best to be selfish so that they can save their ass in the end....being kind is never been a tactic to keep ur position in the company.

Some people think that giving in and be more hardworking would obtain good returns?
It's not like the saying of " the more you plough the more you gain " doesn't work that way anymore....if nobody is able to see your hard works and if those hard works are nothing to the others, it's equivalent to return and every lil effort is equivalent to trash or ash..

since young, we were told to be hardworking but parents never tell us to be smart...
thought that being hardworking is everything but if you're putting all ur efforts on somthing that's not gonna expand ur ability or's just a waste of time..

when you're out there working, make sure ur superior treat u right and they can actually see
ur ability and not those who make use of ur ability only to assist them to keep their positions.

If you're lucky enough, you would find a mentor/superior who is willing to guide you and see your

With loves,
Seanna (:

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