Sunday, January 22, 2012

Be happy?

After watching the latest episode of gossip girl, i just can't get a clue
on wat's Blair doing!!
How could she believed that it was her praying that keep Chuck alive and
there she went and leave Chuck for good? 
Hmm...i just don't think this is that kind of sacrifices one should make to keep the loved one happy or safe or whatever?
Sometimes, a temporary happiness is way valuable than having a long time of being lost and feeling helpless.

Alright, some could be very positive to make the sacrifice counts and start take life
seriously and do not bring those who love you down but deep down, how happy can you be?
losing the love of your life and be more successful?

What Serena said was right, you just can't lie to yourself thinking that such sacrifice 
is the deal between god to keep him alive..

I just think that, sacrifices to be made are varies to various situation and loving one
doesn't mean that you have to let one go during the difficult time to give
one happiness. Love is about sticking together and go through all the thick and thin regardless of how the end is. 

One shall not lie to own self when it's about feelings, you can't truly listen to your heart, who else can you listen to? 
only you know what you want in life and what make you happy, don't hesitate ppl..
stop looking further, what you want might just just gotta reach out your
hand and grab the chances that will take you there.

I believe, nobody on this planet doesn't want to be happy..short term or long term,
it's much can you count? you can't count how long you wanna be happy,
just do what makes you happy and after all you will realize life is just so simple.

Owh well, that is how i think yet nothings come easy...
I guess this is the reason why god has given us a longer life span, perhaps our ability to understand what is life is much weaker than the other creatures on earth. 

Btw, it's CNY holidays!
Wishing all the Chinese a very prosperous year!!

And i do know how to be happy (:


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