Friday, March 06, 2009

Is it tat difficult to move o N?

Kinda in love with the new single of yang cheng ling- dai wo zhou.

it means, bring me away from there.

Owh right...

Sad love stories are always around me..why???

hehe..being a good listener is not easy though, gotta listen to unpleasant storiess..

then have to actually analyse and comfort them..=/

but, i alrdy get used to it lor, since when people don't come and find me when they've got a prob..LOL


these days,

couple of my frens came to me telling me that, they can't let go of that someone eventhough the truth is alrdy shown as the someone alrdy fell for another person or in a r/ship.

why must it be so difficult?

If it's not difficult, then what's love right?


even if u have been liking the same damn person for 2,3 years and knowing that she/he has a bf/gf, it's still hard to actually let go..different ppl actually take different time frame to receover from it...

why is it so hard..?


when we're in love...

- we tend to be very blind

- we tend to believe wat the someone says

- we tend to give ourself tonnes of excuses

- we tend to ignore the facts.

- we tend to get addicted to it just like phenylethylamine (PEA) in chocolate..

Hee..tat's why we love chocolate and being in love!!

Coz it's so addictive..

however, it would change when 2 come together, things actually become much more difficult, u need to commimt, u need to live not only with urself but always need to think of wat he/she is thinking..and be considerate..

it somehow very challenging to be in a r/ship...and

it's way harder than moving on i suppose...

Mo Ving On is such a long and annoying process as..

we keep ourself waiting for something that's not gonna happen,

it hurts everytime and it is dissapointing..

nothing seems like wat's on taiwan drama anymore..HAHA


i think all i wanna say is " stop crying for not being able to forget about that person"

in another persepctive, being in love is quite fun ;)

stop..waiting and stop expecting is wat u really have to do in order to be happy while u're in such situation..

P/S: live for urself =)


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My 19th Bday..=/

Listening to Arethe franklin- I say a lil prayer for you.

Mmmm...I have PLENTY of pictures to be uploaded here..

but i hardly find time to sit infront my laptop and on blogspot lor..

i have assignments to rush..Sob..

life is kinda Last min ..ahhaa

Alrite..about my 19th bday..

eventhough, I'm really haeadache when i mention 19-yr-old, but i still have to say it..

can't lie bout ur age right?..

hehe...well, 19th bday was pretty fun..seriously~

i did something i didn't do for quite some time..=)

and receive presieesss..=S

wishes from FB, SMS and calls =)

love u guys man~

only angry at Mr ong khy li, Teik lye and Vincent wwj!!!

they forgot about it~!!..HMMPH~

u better do sth,,if u seee tis..hehe

I haven't get all the pressies yet but I just gonna post some of them here.=)

pictures can't wait..>.<

After tis post, im so gonna do my Accc

the night b4 my bday, amelia dropped by and pass a bouuquet of white rosess to me =)

it was melia's idea..

and she n tim bought it for me =)

an early pressie.


the nex morning..(on my bday itself)

my mum woke me up with another bouquet of white rosess...she screamed!

lol...take ur flower and wake up!!!

And i knew who was the oneĀ 

sent this to me..

hee..i called her


she was so crazee..kept

She actually asked a guy to pick the flower and

cal da florist to send it to my hse..HAHA

Good taste James..

Hee..look! much diff~

I didn't go anywhere dat day..

only went to sch for scouter meeting, badminton and my fav-basketball

i kena my hand

they bought me a cake=)

n got

a pressie from hoo, caely and justin=D

Trying to do it nicely~


All of us..=)

those who went..

after that, went to D.J n yum cha with chung. bea, alwin and kitt xD


they all know i like white rosess..=D

haha..not bad huh~

I put them into jar..xD

nice ar my skill?

P/s: thanks melia for bloggin bout me..heheee

time to ciao~


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