Thursday, February 28, 2008

my first day of being 18.

listening to: BREAthe Easy (remix)

Finally, i have decided to blog About my bday, ya juz in case some of you might forget that im 18 this year and not to be deceived by my pics cause ppl probably thought that im 21 now..
haha..ya i did enjoy my day with frens and my family.
once again, thanks to evryone who wished me via call, sms, msn, frenster, facebook...
really touched by u guys..=)
after kitt nagged me for almost the whole night, i just got my ass sticked with the chair and start typing on blogspot....
Things i have done on my bday.
1. kitt's call woke me up
2. on da fon while my breath is still smelly
3. wash up
4. on msn and talked bout my plan and received wishes from frens..=)
5. dad was awake, gotta prepare.
6. g0t myself dressed.
7. breakfast with my daddy.
8. reach one u at 1
9. window shopping (alone) for handbag.
10. met fei yan, rachelle and gloria, we chatted for 5 mins..
11. saw ah kit ge.
12. my legs were killing me after a long shop
13. kitt and all still haven't shown up
14. i was so tired.
kitt was there to chat and we met justin and the gf..ahahha
15. watched movie with them(wengt, chunt, yewj and the double J)
basically, it was quite normal like days we used to hang out.
but five of them did somthing out of my expectation..ahha
they actually bought me a extreamely cute soft toy from s&j..hehe
yah..i love it (it is not easy to buy a soft toy to someone who does'nt like cute stuffs)
yah...kitt knows i dont like cute stuffs, teddy or wtv from gift shop..ahha
but..i do love it..thanks..=)
i got a necklace frm kitt...she said she seldom c me wear neckie so she bought me one..lool so gonna wear it and show off?
when i got home, i got a pressie from sylvia too..=)
she sent it to me by shipping..gosh, too touched..xD
It was'nt easy to get the pressie..lool
the shipping fellar called me....
my fon keep vibrating....
ME: hello..
Mail delivery agent: ya...adakah ini yon xiang?
ME: har...wat?
Mail delievery agent: yon xiang?
ME: er...kamu wrong number ker?
Mail delivery agent: saya dari xxxx untuk deliver.......
ME: Ohh..i rmbered, saya hui xian bukan yon xiang.
Mail delivery agent: Ah?....saya nak tahu nombor rumah kamu.
ME: oo...ok...(i gave my hse fon num actually)
Mail delivery agent: apa?...ada nombor rumah yang panjang sangat ke?..
ME: (i repeated my hse fon num coz i tot he copied wrongly)
Mail delivery agent: apa??...
ME: (i realised)...oops, so sorry...nom rumah saya ialah XXX
Mal delivery agent: ok..
it is so hard for me to talk to a

Neckie+lil red man. my pressies..=)

At night,

i had dinner with my family..and my day was awesomely good...

yeah..hui xian ere.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy 18th Birthday.

Happy birthday HuiXian..
Like Khy's the age that allowed to drink..and Sex?
Have a nice and great Birthday!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Days without boredom

Where r we?.
i also dont know...
been doing those minor stuffs till we don't have the time or even the mood to log in blogger and start typing about wat we have done thruout the weeks and evrything..hehe
well, we deserve a is enough..=)
i think i gotta summarize all in a post, so dat i don't have to blog so many times..haha
and yah, i think most of u guys wonder that why am i still bz after i have finally stopped dat idiot is bcoz i juz gotten a new job at another shop which is more relaxing and freee.=)
tis is why im blogging at tis time..=P

20 Feb 2008
so after i stopped my job, i got few days to hang out with frens.
i went ice skating with my old colleagues and i blardy get injured with dat..hehe
i got few pics of dat, thanks to kah hoo..coz he was there to be my

i love my top.=)
li ping and i.

21 Feb 2008
i don't know if u guys celebrate zhap gor meh..

coz i did tis yr with my fren, she brought me to da park opposite amcorp mall..
thanks to her ccoz i gotta c despo throwing mandarin oranges and those ah pek or ah beng were bz fishing for those oranges..eeww
guess wat?...da very first second they got da orange, they actually saved the number into their fon and start sms or calling...
i would never do so, will u?

i was quite happie on dat day coz my fren did buy me a cake and celebrate my bufday with her family...very sweet of her..=)

coffee cake..

25 Feb 2008
haha...guess wat.
i got my hair dyed, it looks great i think..ahaha
khy will definately say its lala when he c
so todae, kitt came to sg.way to do her hair, so i asked her to come my hse first.
im sure she had fun using my msn..haha
she was there to do rebonding, and now her hair is fabulous and so another her.haha
i dont think ppl would recognize her from her back..ahaha
too bad dat i can't c her final hairdo coz i was rushing to work after 2 hours of accompany.
we shall take a look with the pics...xD

can't really c the hair colour ere.





stop acting cool..=P

With love.

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