Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Requested Post

Requested by OngKhyLi and LowHuiXian for bugging me more than a fortnight. =]

To be more specified, I still don't know what's this post all about. Hee! So, I'll just crap anything that make sense k? It may be rather lame, somehow LAME-NESS is part of entertaining. =)

First of all,


Agent number ONE,
OngKhyLi aka BengSiu

Agent Number TWO,
LowHuiXian aka AhHienNow....I guess most of you got the idea what is this post all about right. HAHAHA.


- back to the olden days where the AhShum match-make girls and guys.

- match-make me with other guys which I totally not agree with.

- victims were...VincentWWJ. =.= still rmb the love bird story? but too bad your plan on this not successful...HAHA..Vincent is more like a bro to Jung said, it would be like incest. Next, MengLeong the innocent one...out of nowhere...Khy started the story...awww...if MengLeong reading this, seriously damn embarrassing..hope he don't mind la..anyway, not true also. Haha. Khy..too bad now you can't continue the story already! End of story. haha..LoL!

Look ----> 11 Apr 08, 18:02 Khy: STUPID KITT!!! Suppose to be MENG LEONG!!!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .*s-p-e-e-c-h-l-e-s-s*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Being a match-maker. Not an easy job. It requires skills. LoL. That's why I still appreciate what both of them have done. HAHA. By the way, I'm a good match-maker too..Like how me and AhHien matchmade Khy and QingQing. *Thumbs up*


HAHAHA...GOTCHA!..YOU MUST BE "DIAO DIAO DIAO" NOW LEH...Just way too perfect plan to zha you back!...HAHAHA.

okay. Done with the requested post.

So done!! yeah man!!! No more Match-Making..ngek!

KittLei was HERE!

Thank You =]

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Big Boy Thye.

Happy Birthday Thye DeeDee! 17 years old already. One year to go. Then you can enter 18SG, 18SX, and 18PL movies in cinemas! haha. Who will actually thinks you're 17 anyway.
Let's cut off those craps and all the best in your seventeen.. =)



Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Im so Addicted To GG...i love it

Before i start, i wanna urge Miss Wen Jie Li to contribute a post to this blog..she ought to post somthing ere..ngek ngek..=P

It is gonna to be a very simple entry which is about my latest hairdo, i have been thinking of my permed hair for pass few months and i finallyy went to CUT ABOVE.
It was indeed long the process, it took 3 hrs to finish..ahha
the result is actually out of my expectation, i expected it to be a very loose and soft waves..but it ended up like curl..ahhaa
but she said it will look natural after a week time or mayb more...
So here is the pics...



Do i still look older than my agE?...sob


8th OF April is our dai siu jeh's bday..

Happie b'day ah cee...u rox my world=)

It was taken on my b'day dinner...

she looked great.=)

hehe..khy loves it..=)

credits to kitt and khy for cee's pics...=D

It is very short i know..hehe

wait for kitt's. =P

with love,


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