Thursday, May 20, 2010

Me being Whatever =/

Currenlt listening to - why by secondhand serenade.

It's 3a.m in the morning and i still feeling the hotness from the air even though the fan is right
on top of me..=(
How long more to stand this freaking hot weather...
If it is gonna last till end of july, i will be melted like a candle d =/ awful is a melting candle..they don't look good unless u put them in a mould? xD

Reason why I'm still up so late and blogging is b'coz my freaking late dinner again =/
I feeling that I'm getting damn unhealthy as my lifestyle is keep changing, I don't have fix time for
meals and I don't have as fixed time to sleep....somehow, I feel that there's something in me
which might give me a surprise one day!

I felt like wanna puke in da middle of the night...i ate dinner around 9++ and I felt emptiness
in my stomach so i went to take some rice as supper around 1...
I felt worse after that, i still feel empty in my stomach and i started wanna puke!!
I told my fren and he tot i was too stress i guess, urged me to sleep which is not the reason
making this happen..
however, this stomach empty n feel like puke is damn like a pregnant woman=.=
I didn't think much as i got exam the nex day, so i went to sleep...
at first i still can't sleep peacefully as i still feel tat empty empty stomach n the feeling to puke..
It was quite sickening but I make myself to sleep.=/

Then, the nex morning...i still feel dat fcking empty stomach and tot i was hungry..
i went makan @ aman suria but I didn't feel like eating at that moment and..i just ordered
some food thinking it could fill up tat empty empty feeling..=.=
but then, my appetite was not there though..=/
It seems quite bad lor..i think eating so late worsen my digestion..ouchhh!!!

Other than this stupid feel lik puking~
I constantly got this headache thing..I don't know why is it so easy for me to get headache!!
Hmmm..I can feel damn headache when the weather is hot, the place I'm sitting @ is not
comfortable enough and bla bla situations...
sighh.....Getting headache is alright though..
the worst is to get god damna sleepie whenever I'm bored or after lunch!!
Freaking sleepie, I can even sleep in the class during lectures..I could just lie on the table
and get myself to sleep in 3 mins!!
What the heck =/

It may seem cool that i can sleep while lecturer is teaching but constantly doing this is not
good at i really din mean to sleep but i just slept??
It's not that i didn't get enough sleep the night before it's that I just can fall asleep easily..=/

The more i talk bout these things, the more i felt like I'm a nenek or a pregnant old lady..LOL

Nvm lar...I shall go for some body check up for safe :)


Some pictures that can't be only being stored in my phone :)
they ought to be seen by ppl..AHAHA

It's time to introduce you my new pet-DEXTER! :)
from awps..luving this lil monky!

Wanted to name it as Mojojojo from powerpuff girl..ahha
but I think Dexter is more like it xD

Me being concentrate on studieee :)
Time to prove this!!


Well..I didn't know my phone got quite many of modes that allow me to play with it
till pei san discover something cute..ahahha
I know it's common but since it's from my baby's interesting :P

When she cough, she can't help to see stars around her..
but she see her loves in those stars =)

Dexter: This girl is somehow =.=

Baby sam is making pek tong to look cool here :P


P/s: thanks caely for the was great!! had sabai night @ ur place =D

P/s: AWPS!!..thanks for those piccies and Dexter..he's right here with me now (:


Sunday, May 16, 2010


Currently listening to OST of more than blue ;)

Supposingly, I should be studying by now as my paper is coming soon..i still got lot to study..
but wat the helll, the day i plan to study at home turn out to be a Farking hot day!!
I no Love u sunday!!

U MAke me HATE u so much coz of such weather!! =/

Ahh...Wake up around 12pm and i could feel the heat around my room d then i went to shower...
after shower pergi makan, i was kinda ROASTED in the CAR!
WTF right??
I can't help but to scold wtf to release the heat in me...
Couldn't chill @ all coz the weather is really taking my breathe away...I can't stand it...

however, this make me think of end of the day again,
if everyone has to die coz of a freaking high temperature for the end of the earth!!
I think i would rather kill myself for that..=/

The heat could melt anybody though..Isshhhh~~~ im here to whine and some piccies to show though :)

Study @ Mcd with Awps and cb tong :D

My hand got conteng by AWPS!! big bully she's :)
coz i hate her :P

Sabai @ starbucks and chillex day the whole night :)
the air there is quite sticky n dirty...we couldn't stand the air thr!! which is Uptown :D name (:

I was so focus!!

The moment when pei pei fell for my Sam :)

Nice panorama mode of Sam xD

Random Shots =X

Poor orkid flower..
Do bring me luck for my econs paper ar..:)

Last but not least...
Felix baby:)
The cross was just a deco..actually it was thr to show FELIX being emo :)

Bwaiii..tat's all i have lar for piccies..
soon i would have more..penang? woo hoo~~~

*hug*..and I'm still feeling the heat..!!
It's fcking my life for once =/

P/s: using blue blue font to show how blue I am now..Fck u Mr.heat!!

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