Monday, August 30, 2010


yup yup yup...I'm here (:

Hmmm..shall start this with my family event.
It's gonna be sth related to the pic..:D
It has been loong since i last attended my dad's side family event..
It was a birthday celebration for a 1 yr old lil baby and a 21st b'day..well
the purpose was more on gathering relatives from far so that we can somehow catch up..
i guess so..but i was kinda bored and i talk to those old relatives rather than the group around my age...

It's not a bad experience, i can say it's quite a time to communicates with the elders..:D
for such event, beer must be thre and also my dad's fav.
As usual, my dad did touched some sentimental stuffs..

by that, only i come to realize that my uncle actually had some girl behind my aunt back in 20 yrs ago...but my aunt still keeping her angers and wanna have sth like divorce which drag one of her son into this issue.

my not so close uncle...did admit his mistakes and try to save things up but his son was rather showing his non mercy to his dad over these 20 years by scolding, blaming and pin pointing @ his mistakes...

Bcoz of this, as my uncle is experienced in his past jobs so he was offered to go to europe and work..he only gotta come back to malaysia once a year over 3 years of contract...
More information on my uncle, he had cancer..he went thru treatment and he's recovered
during the treatment he was afraid that he was gonna leave this world so he left his every property and just everything to his wife and the family...
however after he went thru the war with cancer, he got cold treatment from da wife and the son..
only the younger son is being neutral and look after the dad.. as he had no job before this europe
contract offer.

he was depress and therefore he chose to go so far to work so that he can avoid watever he is facing now...
He's not some young man but a man who's now 58 yr sad is it to see an old man to travel so far just to cure his depression?

I couldn't help but wonder if he's my dad...would it be da same for him? same to have such ending??
couldn't predict wtv might happen during that 3 yrs long @ europe...he might be too lonely or too depress being alone thre without warmth from the family...
not to forget he had cancer...=/

Something just pop out...
Is it one mistake can cause one person life to be over?
and ....would you ever wanna be like the son or the wife to make this pathetic man to live his life in pain even though he's one of your family member?
he paid his children for colleges, house and every lil needs that the children need.
does he deserve to get such treatment over a huge mistake of having an affair?

It's not like he didn't care about his family or he wasn't responsible for the family...
well..I might not know how big the impact he had brought to the family over these years..
but i certainly sure that we should feel appreciate!
Every lil thing that a father should give to the son does count and as a child we should feel
lucky cause we have a father who give us what we need.
His son is now forcing him to be more depress and feeling hopeless over the family..why must the family do that to punish him??

those punishment made him to look at the sky with grey and never gonna think positive...
only thing that can distract him is WORK!!! sounds so sad...

when i look @ my uncle i see pain in his eyes and he looked so different compare with those times....
he's abit blur with everything and tend to forget things real fast..even things that i just told him..

@ neway celebrating bro's b'day :)

From what i think,
the wife has every right to be mad @ what he did but the wife should put her feet into her husband's shoe after all these years...
feel how her husband feel when the son is ignoring him and scold him for every lil thing...

As for the son, i think he should be grateful that he has such father who look after of his every lil thing from the baby him until the him of being a father...
the family still supporting him....why can't he be more grateful by not pushing his dad to one corner?

I might be a third party to see this whole thing but i think every human deserve a second chance and deserve to have lovess with caresss....
if a ego man is willing to say sorry and sorry for the huge mistake he had made, i think
he deserve his second chance....
he's a rich man but now he has ntg...!!

Forgiveness is very important...
Why don't practice it?

Spare some love and look @ bad things in a different way i think my uncle would be happier
and not a man who wanna escape during his late life.

It's not a emo entry...
A lesson to learn though...just wanna say...if you don't forgive now,
one day u might regret that you won't have the chance to forgiveee...:]

I somehow do blame my dad for doing not enuff..
but...those are just for emo moments...he however raise me till now..and
whatever he has done shall be moved on though..:)
can't be calculative after all...he's my dad!! Lurvieees

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