Saturday, August 01, 2009

We are family!

This is a story about Celcom and Maxis.
Before the story begins, i would like to introduce the
Director: Caely
Producer: Seanna
Editor: Seanna
Filming: James
Main actress: Caely, Seanna
KLF ( k leh feh): Alex.

This story is about how steady is this gal, celcom when she met this devil, maxis.
One day, Maxis is too free, she went around and find some people to bully,
so todae, Celcom becomes her victim, she was quite blue cause of some SAM SI.
Maxis is a devil whom only bully weak people, so she has found her target - Celcom.

As Maxis was walking around, she saw celcom sitting at a corner and was really upset,
"I'm sad and blue, but im still the best"

So Maxis went and approach celcom, she was pretty happie coz she found someone to bully...
Ngek ngek ngek~!!!!
" HAHA..i've found my victim, ngek ngek ngek"

Maxis is a flirt, she likes to flirt with anybody that she thinks tat is possible to cheat his/her money.

When she see celcom, she try to be nice and joke wit her..

" hey celcom, do you know why we can't see
chang eer on the mooncake fest?""

Celcom: " i have no idea"

Maxis: " It's bcoz, she has sew herself a big curtain to cover the moon"

Celcom: " HAHAHAHA" =.=

Celcom was innocent and she laugh along..

however, she showed her true colours...
She told celcom that if celcom kiss her, celcom must pay her a large amount of money!

Maxis: Eh celcom, do you want to kiss me??

Obviously, celcom did not agree as she was not tat dumb..

BUT...Maxis used her super flirt skill,
she force celcom to kiss her..ewww

Celcom: Ahhhhh..don't want la dont want la,
i'm very shy wan ar...

She took a pic of the kissing scene with her handphone in order to threathen celcom.

KLF: Ahh..cannot see, not for kids!

people around them, did not dare to see and afraid that they would be one of the victim..*cover the face*

At last,
Maxis failed miserably as celcom brain wash her..with lotsa theories..

Celcom: eh maxis, don't be like this, we must be good in heart!
If not, we would have karma!
Maxis: Owh...KARMA!!..Too scaryy~~
what should i do now??
Celcom: mm..don't kiss me lor..fren with me.
Maxis: oh really?..then we be fren la..
Celcom:yeah..lets be fren..
Celcom whispered,
"cheh..she's so easy to kao tim..*wink*"

celcom was proud tat she has made Maxis to quit her bad habit..

And they finally become good frens..=)
and *peace*

Actually, there's a reason why celcom did not get influence by Maxis...
Look down here..

Celcom was so steady bcoz it is UNBEATABLE!

* the story above was mainly for joking purpose, no offence..
if you did not laugh means you're not lame..=) *

Monday, July 27, 2009

What's love


listening to that song, it always make me so fcking emo!!
this song is talking bout a dude who tot that he has moved on and he's recently in a new r/ship, however, he hasn't completely forgot the ex!
so he realized that, the one he loves most is still that gal! how unfair to the new one!
lol..and this song is somehow related to Katy Perry's "thinking of you"
pretty sad song,
songs usually sing about how hard is it to move on, but never teach ppl how to move on..

ya ya...sangat susah ke nak move on??

haha..don't care, don't know!! out of what i should think, really refuse to think bout why is it so hard to move...idiotic man!

damn boring lar!!
working is quite fun at times, but somehow, boredom knocks my door..very irritating lor!!
i kept yawning during work n studies..haha kns!

however, recently i found out sth, i think most girls like handsome guys!!
why i think so??
bcoz, when a girl like a not so handsome guy, she tot it's just infactuation, and telling herself in heart that, i don't really like him that much...
while a girl find herself falling for a real handsome guy, she usually won't find any excuses for herself for not falling for him, coz he's blardy handsome!!..

"u can find many reasons for not falling in love with a so-so looking guy, but u can only find one or two reasons for not liking a handsome guy!" quote!!
"What makes you falling so deeply for him?" and...usually in that girl's heart, she would whisper " bcoz he's nice and handsome"
getting a handsome bf, can really get others' attentions and making ppl around to be jealous!! oh yah...
quite CHILDISH !!

I look as if i was having a biz meeting!!

i got this saying from a movie " good men like bad girls, bad men like good girls"
I don't know how true is it..but i hope, it's not all like this..haha
coz i'm in btw good n bad! =P


Well.. i got SPLIt ENDS!!'s not good at poor hair!!=/
very sad...


Seanna here...=)

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