Saturday, May 26, 2007


finally it's holidays..2 weeks..basically i'll spend most of my time is the best chance..but if only will be darn potong the holidays mood..definitely no way!!..hehe..

things to do during holidays:

- settle all the FQM stuff..
- study..especially all the elective subjects..have to memorize all the acc formats..i always wonder how they remember..there are plenty of it!..i rather
study history..=] my 2 years of chem..addmaths..and phy..omigosh..
- i guess..
- cinema of course..POTC definitely!..
- ah hien's prezzie.. i still remember..till now..3 month already..oops!..hehe
- control my wallet..keke..
- finish up all dl-ed movies in my com..
- tuition..[-.-]"
- improving the dialect that I'm learning =P..have to talk to myself..or listen to hokkien song?? that time i think it will be blank in my brain..later wonghoilap say i cha..weird..
- my organ..i miss has been a few months i nvr touch it..miss..this word reminds me of my can i miserably dropped my A1000 Motorola into the toilet hole..i mean already happened..well..just treat that as a lesson..
- time to INSAF..

seee...wat a lifeless holiday..and i still wonder how am i going to tell my parent about my still excited over POTC..gonna watch it this coming tuesday..wheee...yeah man...!!


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

nothing much but somthing cool


its potong to say.."papers had finished"...u get wat i mean dont u?hehe...super life is n0o longer dulll and faded..=P..erm..its long dat we didnt post anythng ere..miss us?..

gonna out for movies, spiderman cant miss it..definately not..and potc is on da way..yea movies rox..!! bz gaming...GE has openned last thurs...da graphics is nice..but due to da laggy server..i kena potong few times d..=(

not to forget...dat china ah pek(hoi lap) is playing too...haha

his sis comp couldnt really support it..i can c him log in and out over 10 times..=P

MX oso playing it...hehe..dont blame me if its too laggy =P

hols is coming...gonna play as much as i could..series and anime dat i've dled havent finished..and heroes haven't started..><

feel gud wif it..finally i get to do somthng i LIKE...^.^




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